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Gerald Werner


During OFC/NFOEC Fibotec demonstrates the new dB-Meter first time to the public. The device measures power stability and power changes across a wide dynamic range (60dB) with high accuracy and high speed. A stabilized 1550nm light source is built in for quick and easy testing of passive components, local fiber loops or fiber sensing setups. Alternatively light of external fiber coupled sources (780-1650nm) can be used. The power signal is provided both through an analog interface (0-3V) and a serial interface (USB). The measurement value is provided on command („pull“), in predefined fix time intervals („push“) or self-triggered when exceeding a predefined power change. 24/7-monitoring is possible. The integration time can be choosen within 1ms-1min. The dB-Meter is USB powered. Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH provides customer specific test, measurement and sensing solutions. The company, being "Partners in Fiberoptics", also supports contract manufacturing service. Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH, Herpfer Str. 40, 98617 Meiningen, Germany,,

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