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Civcom Makes Successful Entry to High Growth Transport Networks for Telecommunications Market in Ind


18 December 2013

Orit Henia

Civcom Makes Successful Entry to High Growth Transport Networks for Telecommunications Market in India

Premier provider of 100Gbps Coherent tunable transponders for DWDM telecom networks gives it a go in the Indian market to much success.

Civcom Devices & Systems Ltd, the market leader in providing High-End DWDM tunable transponders has made a successful entry into the Indian market, and plans on making good of the growing opportunities presented by such a vast market. The entry into the Indian market is a natural step in an expansion decision which the company made in the Asian market over the past year.

Civcom is one of the few companies in the world currently providing 100Gbps Coherent optical transponders and is in a unique position to provide the kind of fast and high quality equipment that India’s growing market needs through the rapid deployment of new communication services. Civcom’s products lead the line when it comes to providing high data rates and performance and has been proven as a premier provider and partner of choice for DWDM tunable transponders.

To facilitate the smooth entry to the Indian market, Civcom wisely used the services of a new local representative, and so far, this partnership has proved fruitful. Currently, the company already has product qualification processes with several customers, and recently achieved its first significant sale in India of the 100Gbps coherent tunable transponders to a large government sector company.  

“Civcom appreciates the Indian market and the potential for growth this market provides.  Our intention is to make a large impression in Asia in general, and India in particular. With India’s high demand for internet connectivity and cellular networks, not to mention the fast growth experienced in this region, making the move to India was a win-win for both parties,” said Gabby Shpirer, Civcom CEO.

About Civcom: Civcom is a market leader in High-End DWDM transmission solutions, providing some of the world’s most progressive tunable transponders for Telecom and Datacom applications. Civcom is a market-focused, process-centered company that develops and delivers innovative solutions with focus on 100G Coherent transponders and 100G NXT-GeN transponders. Civcom was founded in 2000 and acquired by Padtec Brazil in Feb. 2008. To find out more about Civcom's unique line of products, ranging from 10Gbps to 100Gbps tunable transponders please go to:,

About Padtec: Padtec, lead in high capacity optic communication systems in Latin America, provides solutions for long distance networks including submarine systems, metro/aggregation, access and storage networks. With businesses and representatives in South America, Central America, Europe and Asia, Padtec has consolidated itself as a global provider of high technology customized solutions. Know more about Padtec:

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