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The new DAISI V3 Interferometer: Fast and Reliable


14 February 2018

Eric Tanguy

The new DAISI V3 Interferometer: Fast and Reliable

Designed to fit IEC’s metrology requirements, customized to your manufacturing volumes

Specialized in test and measurement equipment for the fiber optic connector industry, DATA-PIXEL are pleased to announce our brand new DAISI V3 Interferometer (Digital Automated Interferometer for Surface Inspection), which combines the high resolution interferometry features of the DAISITM and the high magnification (x400), high quality inspection tools of the DscopeTM.

This 2 in 1 instrument benefits from years of industry experience and feedback. Designed for standard production lines, automatized manufacturing lines or laboratories applications.
Key Features:
  • Single unit for non-contact measurement of PC and APC ferrules, connectors and bare fibers
  • One-button easy operation
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Connection to laptop computer via High Speed USB3.0 link
  • BLINK-Automated Visual Inspection software detects in real-time the fiber location and analyses surface defects
  • Connector key adaptors for all common connector types. (custom fixtures available on request)
  • Ergonomically designed to provide easy insertion
  • PDF, CSV and HTML formats reporting
  • Data-base connectivity for data archiving
  • Tested for over than 1 million measurements
Interferometer features:
  • High contrast optics
  • Fast and automated measurement of radius, apex offset, fiber height + more
  • Measure fiber and ferrule roughness (Sq parameter)
  • Measure angle of cleaving of bare fibers with great precision
Microscope features:
  • 2 inspection modes: 1 dedicated to the fiber core and cladding, 1 larger field dedicated to the ferrule endface
  • Fast autofocus, Real-time analysis & measurement
  • Automated scratch & defect detection
  • High resolution optics
Mechanical features
  • Robust Motor driven automated Flange locking Mechanism
  • Vibration insensitive
  • Fixtures for most fiber optic connectors
  • Compatibility with all existing Daisi single Fiber fixtures
See this new product on demo: Booth 2208 – OFC 2018. 

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