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Foxconn Interconnect Technology, Ltd. Announces General Availability & Volume Production of CXP2 Tra


08 March 2018

Foxconn Interconnect Technology, Ltd. Announces General Availability & Volume Production of CXP2 Transceiver & CXP2 Active Optical Cable (AOC)

SAN JOSE, CA, March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Foxconn Interconnect Technology, Limited ("FIT"), a leading supplier of optical communications solutions, today announced general availability and volume production of its CXP2 optical transceiver module and CXP2 active optical cable (AOC). These 300G (12x25Gbps) pluggable fiber optic solutions offer the best in class platform to build a high-density, multi-lane interconnect fabric using mature VCSEL technology, which is strongly desirable for applications such as chassis interconnect in high end switches, routers, server clustering, and high performance computing.
The key features and benefits of FIT’s CXP2 optical solutions are listed as follows: 
  • Proven 850 nm technology with high reliability and consistent high quality: Fully-equipped with 12-channel arrays of VCSEL transmitter and PIN receiver technologies. Guaranteed performance over corner conditions at distances up to 100m OM4 multimode fiber.
  • Multi-rate support: Each lane can operate up to 25.78 Gbps NRZ and is compatible with legacy data rates in CDR bypass mode. Suitable for 25GE, InfiniBand EDR, PCI Express, and proprietary data rates.
  • Feature-rich programmability: Individual channel control of Tx&Rx CDR capability, Tx equalization, Rx amplitude and emphasis. Support for in-system firmware upgrade.
  • Digital diagnostics support: Both transceiver module and AOC support temperature and supply voltage monitoring as well as per-channel laser bias current, laser power, and receiver input power monitoring.
  • World 1st in high volume optical CXP2 production shipment: FIT is the first vendor offering CXP2 optical products with demonstrated high volume manufacturing capability.
 “FIT was the first to market with CXP2 based optical solutions and we have been shipping CXP2 optical product variants to a number of key customers for well over a year”, said Steve Shultis, Senior Director of Product Marketing in FIT’s Fiber Optics Communications Business. “We have achieved volume production and believe FIT’s ability to provide consistent high quality products will differentiate us in the market.”
A live demonstration of the 12x25 Gbps/Channel CXP2 Transceiver will be available at booth #1523-CV at this year’s OFC conference in San Diego, CA from March 13th-15th.
For more information, visit or follow on Twitter at @FITOptics.
About Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT)
FIT focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic and optoelectronic products. The FIT Optics division (FOIT) is responsible for the commercial development and production of high speed fiber optic transceivers and solutions.

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