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Built on the innovative PEACOC™ Platform with patented Spreadable Adapter Technology, Go!Foton is sh


14 March 2018

Built on the innovative PEACOC™ Platform with patented Spreadable Adapter Technology, Go!Foton is showcasing its latest achievement in Fiber Optical Connectivity with the PEACOC Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) - further re-architecting Layer 1 fiber connectivity for next-gen optical distribution networks.

Somerset, N.J. (OFC 2018) Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions is showcasing a range of advanced fiber connectivity solutions at the 2018 OFC Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, California which leverage Go!Foton’s patented High Density PEACOC™ technology platform.  A revolutionary concept in OSP Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDH) will be unveiled which is built upon the highly agile, PEACOC™ Flexible Tray (FleT) technology which forms the foundation on which small form factor jumpers, fusion splicing and a wide array of optical components can be easily integrated and managed in a high density, OSP enclosure system.

Go!Foton has redeployed its PEACOC™ flexible tray (FleT) cassette with patented Spreadable Adapter technology into a creative design for an outside plant Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH), which further extends the impact and reach of Go!Foton’s PEACOC ™ technology platform beyond simply the Central offices and Data Center environments.  The PEACOC™ FDH being shown at the 2018 OFC Conference incorporates splitters, patching, splicing, and connector parking into a highly compact and modular design.  The distinctive “wing-based” fiber routing panel provides a highly craft friendly approach to managing the dense field of splitter pigtails and fiber jumpers. According to Go!Foton VP and GM Michael Zammit, “With our new PEACOC™ FDH, our engineers totally reinvented the concept of OSP fiber management by implementing a solution which offers FDH installers phenomenal front side access to all cabling, splices, and optical components while maintaining our commitment to provide a craft friendly approach that is fast, easy, and reliable.”  By providing this functional modularity, and flexible cable management, the Go!Foton FDH can be customized to meet the needs of new and emerging optical distribution network requirements.  The PEACOC wing-based FDH is available in both a traditional cabinet solution targeted at pole, wall, and pad mount applications, as well as a hermetically sealed dome enclosure suitable for underground deployment. The PEACOC family of FDH enclosures represent a significant leap in density and aesthetic appeal when compared with traditional outside plant FDH enclosures.   With its highly compact and dense fiber management capabilities, the PEACOC based FDH offers service providers small form factor enclosures perfectly suited to supporting fiber densification resulting from 5G, CRAN, and other next generation optical networking topologies.  The PEACOC FDH is a perfect bookend on the growing line of PEACOC derivative products which extends the multi-application capabilities of this award winning PEACOC platform from the CO and data center all the way out to the far reaches of the optical distribution network.

Go!Foton is showcasing the PEACOC™ High Fiber Management Platform with its line of innovative derivative solutions at the OFC Conference and Exposition in San Diego, CA March 13-15, 2018. Visit us at Booth #3721.
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