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Yelo wins $2.5 million in orders for 100G Laser Diode Burn-in system


11 January 2017



Yelo wins $2.5 million in orders for 100G Laser Diode Burn-in system

Leading automated test equipment manufacture Yelo (booth 2359 at OFC) has won $2.5million in orders for its Y1000L laser diode burn-in system.  The large orders have come as a result of the growth of the 100G Data Center market.

The system tests laser diode packages such as Chip on Carrier and TO56 and burns them in by stressing the laser diode crystal structure using higher than normal operating current and operating temperature to detect a point of failure.

Yelo’s Technical Marketing Manager Dylan J. Burke said “These orders show that the number of optical components being used in the 100G Data Center market is rapidly growing and that companies are now beginning to implement automated burn-in of their optical components at high volume.
Companies are realizing the importance of burn-in and how automating the process is saving them millions by speeding up their time to market and making their production line more efficient by allowing engineering resource to be utilized elsewhere.”
Yelo welcome enquiries from companies considering automated burn-in of their optical devices at high volume and have also recently launched life testing of laser devices as an in-house service. This has been designed for companies who need life test data but don’t want to invest in a full system.
About Yelo
Yelo is a UK based specialist in automated laser diode burn-in and life test who work with many large corporations in the photonics industry in the USA, Europe and Asia. Yelo will be appearing at OFC in March 2017 at booth 2359 to discuss burn-in solutions and will also be showcasing its new LIV Test Instrument.  

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