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MPO-16 / 32 Cable Testers for 400G Ethernet


15 March 2017

Bruce Robertson

MPO-16 / 32 Cable Testers for 400G Ethernet

At OFC, on the POFTO stand 3859, Kingfisher International will show MPO-16 and MPO-32 testers for 400 G Ethernet. 

The shirt-pocket size KI 9600XL-Ge7 and feature-rich KI 2800XL-Ge7 Optical Power Meters oare easy to use, accurate and productive. 

The proven KI 6010 FiberSafe Microscope also has MPO-16 / 32 adaptors, and an optional camera to capture pictures. For use with MM & SM, and other connectors like MPO-12/24, LC, SC.

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