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22 March 2017

Al Cheswick, KrellTech
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First and Only Polisher to Operate on Wireless Tablet

Los Angeles, CA/OFC 2017, – Krell Technologies Inc., today announced the release of its state-of-the-art fiber optic polisher, NOVA™, offering maximum flexibility for optical surface processing. Having developed polishing equipment for over 20 years, KrellTech has integrated the proven performance and features of its industry leading Scepter, Trig and FLex polishers into this configurable and cost-effective system.

“An upgrade from our current product line meant meeting the requirements of R&D, high-volume production and the rigors of high-reliability field installation, while providing a platform that is upgradeable for all future applications,” said KrellTech president, Al Cheswick.

“NOVA is the first and only polisher that uses a wireless tablet for operation,” Cheswick continued. “It exploits the capabilities of the Android operating system to provide the programming flexibility required for research, as well as simplifying step-by-step operation for manufacturing technicians.”

Whether developing new optical devices, improving component performance or manufacturing compliant cable assemblies, NOVA streamlines the typically time-consuming task of process development. Traditionally machines need to be programmed and re-programmed on a trial-and-error basis in order to develop a compliant polishing process.
With NOVA polishing variables can be continually adjusted in real time during machine operation. This allows the optimal pressure, speed and time settings to be determined and immediately downloaded into the specialized program that can be later accessed by a production line technician.

The NOVA system is configurable for polishing connectors and waveguides to bare fibers and custom components, is Telcordia compliant and features the options of video inspection and monitoring modules.

This system is configurable for polishing connectors and waveguides to bare fibers and custom components.  NOVA™ is scalable in cost-effective configurations for R&D, to larger volume production throughput.  This polishing machine is tablet controlled and fully programmable for various applications and target specifications.  KrellTech will be demoing the NOVA at OFC, booth #3441.
About KrellTech
KrellTech manufactures advanced polishing systems and equipment for processing photonic components in markets ranging from telecom/datacom to industrial, and bio-medical to avionics.  Our innovative approach to optical processing incorporates polishing with in-line inspection techniques for immediate quality feedback, reduced material handling and increased throughput. Krell’s experience spans all termination disciplines for bare fiber, connectors and waveguides, addressing application requirements from high volume production to the stringent demands of harsh environment industrial and aerospace. The company works closely with customers from concept to process development through implementation, resulting in products that comply and exceed industry standards including Telcordia and rigorous Mil-specs.  For more information visit

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