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DiCon Fiberoptics Announces BeamCrafterTM Technology for Coherent Transceivers


20 March 2017


DiCon Fiberoptics Announces BeamCrafterTM Technology for Coherent Transceivers

DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. is proud to introduce a series of innovative components based on our new BeamCrafterTM Technology. These revolutionary optical components consume low power, are ultra-compact, and provide best-in-class performance. The BeamCrafterTM technology platform includes multi-function components that serve as building blocks for designers working on next generation coherent transmission systems.
DiCon will publicly showcase four new products utilizing BeamCrafterTM  technology at OFC 2017. All four components have completed rigorous GR-1221 qualification.  The MTS, UTF, and UFA have been in production for 18 months, and are currently being delivered in large quantities to customers worldwide:
  1. The Mini-Attenuator (MTS) features an 80% reduction in volume, compared to previous generation VOAs.
  2. The Attenuator with Tap Detector (ATD) provides power monitoring both before and after the VOA function, effectively combining five components into one.
  3. The MEMS Ultra-Compact Wideband Tunable Filter (UTF) features a form factor that provides a 90% reduction in volume, and is ideal for ASE noise suppression.
  4. The MEMS Ultra-Compact Wideband Tunable Filter with Integrated VOA (UFA) is an ideal multi-function component for signal cleanup and precise power control, for use in coherent transceivers and EDFA modules.  
These new products help protect the network, balance power, and suppress noise in space-limited transceiver modules (CFP, CFP-2, CFP-4), EDFA, and line card applications, demonstrating the strength and capability of BeamCrafterTM technology.  The UTF and UFA have established a new benchmark in compact-footprint tunable filters.
“The BeamCrafterTM platform represents the essence of DiCon’s pursuit for photonic excellence,” said Dr. Ho-Shang Lee, CEO and founder of DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc.  “It builds upon DiCon’s 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing industry-proven, highly-reliable optical components, and it lays the foundation for our next wave of new product development.”
DiCon will present additional BeamCrafterTM components to selected visitors at OFC. For more information, please visit DiCon at the OFC 2017 Trade Show (March 21st to 23rd, Booth 2738, Los Angeles Convention Center), or send an email to

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