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Reflex Photonics MicroClip™ Withstands 1 kg Pull Force, Exceeding Industry Standard by 2X


15 February 2016

Rose-Marie Macinati
Reflex Photonics Inc.
195 Labrosse Ave.
Pointe-Claire (QC) Canada H9R 1A3
Tel: 514-842-5179 (Ext: 206)

Reflex Photonics MicroClip™ Withstands 1 kg Pull Force, Exceeding Industry Standard by 2X

MONTREAL, CANADAReflex Photonics is proud to announce that its proprietary MicroClip™ MT ferrule design has proven it can withstand a 1 kg live traffic fiber pull test on a 12-fiber ribbon cable pigtail mated to its LightABLE™ products (40G SR4 and 120G SR12), without any signal performance degradation.

This result exceeds by a factor of 2 the requirements of Telecordia GR-468-CORE Fiber Integrity Side Pull Test and confirms the reliability of the Reflex Photonics fiber ribbon interface with the LightABLE™ and its MicroClip™ ferrule. The MicroClip™ is a low-profile, low-mass spring loaded mechanical assembly that offers a rugged optical connection that is resistant for shock and vibration and is suitable for harsh environment.

The LightABLE™ products are multichannel opt-electronic interconnects operating at 10 Gbps per lane and offering the following features: small SWaP, operation over a large temperature range (-40 °C to 85 °C) and storage temperature from -57 °C to 125 °C. The LightABLE™ can be surface mounted or plugged on a board, and will support high temperature reflow process and operation with a link budget better than 13 dB.

Mr. Jocelyn Lauzon, Product Line Manager at Reflex Photonics adds “This is an impressive accomplishment as the live traffic fiber pull test was conducted by applying a weight to a ribbon cable that included transmitter and receiver channels in a loopback configuration; thus any slight degradation of the optical interface would have had an exponential impact on the measured traffic errors." 

"A 10 Gbps traffic was present on each channel for the duration of the test (10 minutes), with the optical power adjusted to the sensitivity limit of the product, and we did not observe any error on any channel. This represents a bit error rate (BER) better than 10-13. This milestone complements the recent successful environmental qualification tests of the LightABLE™ products and demonstrates the reliability and robustness of its integrated optical fiber interface.”

About Reflex Photonics
Founded in 2002, Reflex Photonics is an advanced developer of high-speed, parallel embedded optics and MSA modules for Aerospace, Defense and Data Center. The company addresses the growing demand for high-speed interconnects for high performance embedded computers, enabling equipment developers to design smaller, lower cost and low powered systems resulting in higher fidelity and faster connectivity.

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