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Polatis Launches Highest Capacity Software Defined Optical Circuit Switch at OFC 2016


22 March 2016

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Polatis Launches Highest Capacity Software Defined Optical Circuit Switch at OFC 2016

Demonstrates SDN (Software Defined Networking) interoperability, joint orchestration solutions and compelling applications for physical layer switching
OFC 2016 – Anaheim, California – Polatis, the performance leader in fiber layer switching solutions, has unveiled its new Series 7000 384x384-port Optical Circuit Switch (OCS) at OFC 2016.  The Series 7000 is the industry’s highest capacity, highest performance fiber layer switch, and is now shipping to lead customers for revenue.  The 384x384 OCS has also been recognized with an elite score in the 2016 Lightwave Innovation Reviews.  Polatis will be demonstrating its latest SDN capabilities, fiber layer orchestration solutions and multiple applications including big data optimization and protection switching.  Demonstrations are taking place at Polatis Booth # 2163 in Hall B.

“Each year at OFC, leaders in the optical networking industry announce the latest advances in products and solutions.  This year, we are pleased to count the Series 7000 as one of the breakthrough innovations to be launched at the event,” said Nick Parsons, chief technology officer at Polatis.  “The ability to program the physical network layer on demand, at scale, is critical to ensuring that telecom and data center customers can automate operations to reduce costs and make optimal use of network resources.”

The energy efficient Series 7000 OCS is based on Polatis’ patented DirectLight optical switch technology, which achieves superior all-band performance for optical loss, crosstalk and back reflection.  Rapid reconfiguration of any or all paths is accomplished in milliseconds, regardless of the power level, color or direction of light on the fiber.  DirectLight is a dark fiber optical switch technology with total separation of control and data planes, allowing path pre-provisioning in mesh networks and requiring no knowledge of the fiber traffic to make and maintain fully transparent connections.   
The 384x384 OCS only requires the energy consumption of a lightbulb, but can route over 3.7Pb/s of optical traffic.  In addition, the Series 7000 OCS platform offers a rich set of configurable value-added functions, including optical power monitoring, variable attenuation and autonomous optical layer protection switching.
In addition to showing the Series 7000, at OFC Booth #2163 Polatis will be demonstrating:
SDN Features
Polatis Series 7000 & 6000 OCS network controlled via OpenDaylight using NETCONF for self-service provisioning and virtualization of fiber layer connectivity. Polatis will also be showing Packet/Optical Integration in partnership with Zeetta Networks, integrating the new Polatis OpenFlow 1.4 OCS agents and Open vSwitch with Ryu SDN controllers for near-zero latency router bypass and big data resource optimization.
System Test Orchestration
Polatis is demonstrating its joint solution with Quali to enable dynamic fiber layer management in lab testing environments.  Polatis optical switches controlled by Quali's CloudShell orchestration solutions add dynamic, scalable, fiber layer management in concert with higher layer infrastructure.  The Polatis/Quali solution enables fiber resources to be easily shared across multiple test topologies simultaneously without conflict.
Protection Services Switch
The Polatis compact Protection Services Switch (PSS) provides fast fiber layer automatic protection with up to 16 1+1 protection services in just 1RU of rack space.  The demonstration will show how video can be switched to a protected patch with no interruption to the service.
Compact OCS modules
With the latest range of series 6000 single- and dual-sided optical switch modules for OEM integration, DirectLight performance is now available in card-mount form factors.
About Polatis
Polatis delivers the world's lowest loss all-optical switching solutions for remote fiber-layer provisioning, protection, monitoring, reconfiguration and test, with over 3 billion port-hours accumulated in service to date.  Dependable, field-proven DirectLight™ optical matrix switch technology scales from 4x4 to 384x384 ports, applying class-leading performance to provide dynamic connectivity for telecommunications, data center, government, test and video networks.  For more information, please visit

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