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OptoTest’s New OP480MT MultiFiber Polarity Tester


02 March 2016

Michelle Gebhart
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OptoTest’s New OP480MT MultiFiber Polarity Tester

CAMARILLO, CA – OptoTest is proud to announce its latest innovation for measuring MPO connector polarity—The OP480MT MultiFiber Polarity Tester. Designed as a companion unit to OptoTest’s OP280MT Ribbon Visual Fault Finder, the OP480MT will streamline polarity testing beyond what is possible with visual methods alone. OptoTest’s OP480 MultiFiber Polarity Tester automates testing for broken and crossed fibers with immediate and easy-to-read results. When used in conjunction with the OP280 Ribbon Visual Fault Locator, the OP480 quickly displays results for 4, 8, and 12 fiber MPO connectors, checking polarity types A, B, and C. Additionally, it can be configured with custom mappings via OPL utility software.

The OP480MT and OP280MT are available individually or as part of a kit—the OP-POLARITYKIT-12—which will include the OP480MT, OP280MT, launch and receive optical cables for male and female, mating adapters, cleaning tools, software, portable power pack in a carrying case.

Based in Camarillo, California, OptoTest strives to be on the forefront of the fiber optics industry with solid fundamental measurement technologies for optical power, insertion loss, return loss, and launch condition. The company maintains a tradition of breakthrough products and innovative solutions for the testing and analysis of fiber optic components and systems.

For more information regarding the new OP480MT MultiFiber Polarity Tester, contact OptoTest at 1.805.987.1700 or

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