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Nistica expands lineup of ultra-­‐compact high port-­‐count wavelength selective switches and linec


22 March 2016

Dario Falquier, Ph.D.
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Nistica expands lineup of ultra-­‐compact high port-­‐count wavelength selective switches and linecards for next-­‐generation networks

L-­‐band high-­‐port count Full Fledge twin WSS for doubling network capacity and MxN WSS for multi-­‐directional
connectivity add to Nistica portfolio
BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY – Nistica, a leading supplier of agile optical networking solutions, today announced two new wavelength selective switches (WSS) designed for next-­‐generation high-­‐capacity route-­‐and-­‐ select architectures. The first product is an L-­‐band twin WSS module optimized for transmission in the long-­‐ wavelength  band  that  enables  the doubling  of usable  spectrum  for operators  interested  in optimizing  fiber capacity.    The  second  offering  is  a twin  MxN  WSS  that  allows  system  integrators  to  offer  multi-­‐directional connectivity in mesh networks.
Both new products have the same form factor as Nistica’s current low port-­‐count and high port-­‐count switches and  can  be  driven  via  similar  software  interfaces,  thereby  streamlining  integration  into  new  linecards  and reducing development cycle times for customers. Offering the full of complement of features available in their sibling Nistica C-­‐band  twin 1x20 WSS already in volume production,  these single-­‐slot  ROADM solutions  offer flexible channel planning, channel contouring and ultra-­‐sharp filter shapes that enable extended reach for high-­‐ capacity data encoding formats such as 16-­‐QAM.  
The L-­‐band WSS is offered in twin 1x9 and twin 1x20 port options, while the twin MxN WSS is software programmable to configure M inputs and N outputs, where M + N = 21. Available as a stand-­‐alone WSS module, or as part of one of Nistica’s  high-­‐density  single-­‐slot  Reconfigurable  Optical  Add Drop Multiplexer  (ROADM) linecard solutions, the new arrivals are currently being integrated by Tier-­‐1  Network Equipment Manufacturers offering up the first high-­‐capacity, multi-­‐directional, flexible-­‐grid network solutions.
These  cost-­‐effective,  compact  new  products  will  be  manufactured  by  Fujikura  Fiber  Optics  Vietnam,  Fujikura’s manufacturing subsidiary, with high-­‐volume manufacturing expected to start later this year.
 “We  continue  to  build  on  our  experience  in  small  form-­‐factor  WSS  modules  and  have  now  expanded  our offering to meet the needs of networks that demand ever-­‐increasing  capacity and software-­‐defined  flexibility,” remarked  Dario  Falquier,  Vice  President  of  Sales  &  Marketing  of  Nistica,  “Our  key  customers  have  been impressed by our ability to continue to innovate and provide the next-­‐generation  solutions at the right price-­‐ points.”
Nistica will demonstrate the performance of twin L-­‐Band and twin MxN WSS modules at the Optical Fiber Communications conference (OFC) being held in Anaheim, California, March 21 – 24, 2016.  At OFC, Nistica Chief Technology Officer Thomas Strasser will teach a short course on ROADM Technologies and Network Applications (SC261).  
About Nistica
Nistica is a global supplier of agile optical modules that simplify, automate and make affordable the delivery of high-­‐bandwidth  applications,  enabling  systems  providers  across  multiple  industries  to  meet  ever-­‐increasing demand. Formed in January 2005, Nistica is now a subsidiary of Fujikura, partnering with NEL, Texas Instruments and other  industry  leaders  to expand  its global  reach  and scale  production.  For more  information,  visit the company website,

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