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Finetech’s New Sub-Micron Bonder for Automated Micro Assembly - Femto 2


18 March 2016

Adrienne Gerard
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Finetech’s New Sub-Micron Bonder for Automated Micro Assembly - Femto 2

Finetech introduces its new high-accuracy micro assembly solution, the FINEPLACER® femto 2.  This new die bonding platform was developed for advanced packaging and bonding in automated precision manufacturing, with a focus on high yield.
With a placement accuracy of ± 0.5 µm @ 3 Sigma and maximum process flexibility, the machine supports a wide range of applications at chip and wafer level.   As a "Prototype2Production" system, it accommodates applications that migrate from process and product development to automated low volume production environments.

Maximum Application and Process Flexibility
The FINEPLACER® femto 2 is suitable for opto-electronics, semiconductors, silicon photonics, medical engineering, sensor production and R&D.  Supported applications include laser diodes, laser bars, VCSEL/PD, LED packaging, Active Optical Cables (AOC), optical engines, TOSA/ROSA, Lens Attach, MCM, MEMS, Sensors, WLP, , 3D IC / 2.5D IC, , TSV, C2C, C2W, Chip-on-Substrate, Chip-on-Glass, Chip-on-Flex, and more.

The bonder can be configured for specific applications with a wide range of process modules, enabling many bonding technologies: eutectic and epoxy die attach, adhesive bonding and curing, thermo-compression bonding (force from 0.05N up to 1000N) and thermo-sonic bonding, diffusion bonding (SLID, TLPB, Cu-Cu), as well as laser-assisted die bonding, bump bonding and copper pillar bonding – on a single platform.  High-quality dispensing options allow lines, dots and patterns, as well as micro dipping solutions for smallest components and contact areas.
Game-Changing New Features
The new generation of the FINEPLACER®  femto platform expands the proven technical base with a special machine enclosure. By eliminating external variables, such as particle contamination and humidity, process conditions can be precisely controlled and directly influenced.

The new Vision Alignment System FPXVisionTM was designed for very high precision requirements. Maximum resolution and real-time optimized camera images enable a uniformly sharp representation of finest structures across the entire field of view. Numerous illumination options allow for a larger scope of variations when working with different materials and surfaces.

For applications requiring particularly fast temperature processes, a new high speed heating plate provides ramps > 60 K/s to allow reproducible heating, ramping up and down without overshooting.

The FINEPLACER®  femto 2 offers straightforward process management and full process access while the open machine architecture supports  quick process setup and teaching times. The user independent process operation ensures unwavering stability and precision.  Manual operation of the bonder allows the equipment operator to pick/place/bond without programming pattern recognition features.

About Finetech
Finetech is a developer and manufacturer of innovative equipment solutions for a variety of SMD rework and micro assembly applications. Due to their modular architecture, the manual, semi-automated and full-automatic systems offer maximum process flexibility. Typical fields of use range from R&D and prototyping (high accuracy, low volume) to fully-automated production environments with high yield.

The modular design of the FINEPLACER® platform enables a multitude of applications, from reworking SMDs to the highly accurate placement of flip chips or opto-electronic components. FINEPLACER® Systems are mostly used in R&D, prototype and small-scale production.

Finetech's customers include companies in the aerospace, automobile, medical/bio/solar technology, optoelectronics, semiconductor, consumer electronics and defense sectors, together with education and research establishments.
Finetech responds flexibly to specific requirements and offers tailor-made solutions to highly-demanding customer applications. The company is represented by direct subsidiaries in its core markets and offers on-site application support and advice.  It is also represented world-wide by a network of agencies.

Finetech is headquartered in Berlin, with subsidiaries in Arizona, New Hampshire, Shanghai, Penang and Tokyo.

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