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DiCon Fiberoptics Launches 32x32 MEMS 3D Matrix Optical Switch


21 March 2016

Kirk Lussier

DiCon Fiberoptics Launches 32x32 MEMS 3D Matrix Optical Switch

Richmond, CA—DiCon Fiberoptics announces the launch of a 32x32 MEMS 3D Matrix Optical Switch, which will allow up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs to connect together as a fully non-blocking, all optical cross-connect fiber optic switch.
“DiCon Fiberoptics is very excited to offer a 32x32 fully non-blocking matrix,” said Robert Schleicher, Vice President of Product Development. “It should be a very attractive solution for a broad range of test and measurement applications, including reconfigurable laboratory and manufacturing environments. The 32x32 matrix utilizes our proven MEMS technology and complements our 16x16 MEMS 3D matrix fiber optic switch, as well as our full range of 1xN MEMS optical switch components.”
DiCon’s MEMS 3D Matrix Optical Switch operates by first collimating the light from the input fibers, and then using two arrays of DiCon’s MEMS mirrors to precisely steer the light to a second set of lenses which launch the light into the requested output fibers. The resulting solution is a matrix optical switch available in any MxN size up to 32x32, with DiCon’s proven high reliability, excellent optical performance, and long expected lifetime. The MEMS 3D Matrix is a compact module intended for integration into a larger system, or can be provided as a simple rack mount system, or as a module for use in DiCon’s modular GP750 rack mount system.
For more information on the 32x32 MEMS 3D Matrix optical switch please visit DiCon at the OFC 2016 trade show on March 22nd to 24th at booth 2219, or visit DiCon’s website at: DiCon Matrix Optical Switches.

About DiCon

DiCon Fiberoptics is a leading expert in optical switches, tunable optical filters, and variable optical attenuators, all of which can be optimized to the application and provided as components, modules or rack mount systems. DiCon's MEMS based solutions are the most advanced and proven in the world, and offer unsurpassed quality, reliability, lifetime, and ruggedness. They have been successfully deployed in numerous applications and used in various markets, such as Optical Communications, Aerospace & Defense, Network Security / Secure Switching, Network Monitoring, Fiber Sensing, and Biomedical.
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