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ClariPhy Accelerates CFP2-ACO Deployments


16 March 2016

Amanda Ingalls

ClariPhy Accelerates CFP2-ACO Deployments

Field-Proven Ecosystem Drives Ease of Design for Cost-effective Metro and Data Center Optical Networks

News Highlights
• Multisourced CFP2-ACO mature ecosystem includes the industry’s top optical module suppliers Finisar, Fujitsu Optical Components (FOC) and Oclaro.
• Ready for mass deployments, CFP2-ACO is the industry’s ubiquitous choice for the most cost-effective coherent solution.
• Customers can easily design with multisource CFP2-ACO solutions for faster time to market.

IRVINE – ClariPhy, a leading developer of ultra-high-speed systems-on-chip (SoCs) for multi-terabit data and telecom networking, today introduced its multisource CFP2-ACO Coherent Optical ecosystem partners including Finisar, Fujitsu Optical Components (FOC), and Oclaro. ClariPhy will jointly showcase its CL20010 LightSpeed-II Coherent DSP, based on its integrated CFP2 analog coherent optical (ACO) reference platform at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) March 22-24, 2016 in Anaheim, California. CFP2-ACO is rapidly gaining momentum and being adopted because of its cost, scalability and interchangeability across optical networks.

“Coherent metro and datacenter inter-connect (DCI) network deployment is ramping now. This is a more cost sensitive market; CFP2-ACO and merchant DSPs are key technologies that will enable deployment in these new metro and DCI applications,” said Andrew Schmitt, lead analyst at Cignal AI. “ClariPhy’s LightSpeed-II 200G Coherent DSP along with its CFP2-ACO module partners are demonstrating solutions today that designers can use now.”

“ClariPhy continues to build on its CFP2-ACO coherent reference platform by creating a field-proven, multisourced coherent optics ecosystem ready for mainstream volume deployment,” said Norm Swenson, CTO and co-founder for ClariPhy. “By delivering an easy to design turnkey CFP2-ACO platform, we are accelerating cost-effective metro and data center optical networks.”

The integrated 100G/200G CFP2-ACO reference platform is a turnkey solution, solving the challenges of the linear interface between coherent DSPs and pluggable optical modules while also providing all necessary proven schematics, layout files, GUI/Software, and other development documentation to speed time to market while reducing risk. The platform optimizes performance in full support of the Optical Internetworking Forum’s (OIF’s) CFP2-ACO Implementation Agreement, combining two boards into a single PCB reference platform that simplifies line card design while streamlining manufacturing by enabling CFP2-ACO skew control, pre-emphasis and calibration.

ClariPhy’s LightSpeed-II CL20010 28nm multimode SoC offers unprecedented levels of integration, performance and software defined networking (SDN) capabilities. Solutions based on the LightSpeed-II SoC enable support for 100G/200G 16QAM modulation on a single wavelength, the SoC enables single carrier 200G or dual-carrier 400G super channels. The advanced equalization and forward error correction (FEC) algorithms enable systems to overcome the impairments of the optical link, including chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion and bandwidth limitations of optoelectronic components.

CFP2-ACO Platform and OIF Interoperability Demo at OFC

ClariPhy will showcase its CFP2-ACO ecosystem partners and at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC), March 22-24, 2016 in Anaheim. The company will also demonstrate live at the OIF PLL Interoperability Demo at booth #3619.

Supporting Quotes

“Finisar’s market leading CFP2-ACO optical transceiver is designed to support high density line card applications with the coherent DSP on the host board,” said Rafik Ward, Vice President of Global Marketing at Finisar. “We deliver product performance commensurate with mature discrete optical components, using a proven and very streamlined design and manufacturing solution that will help our customers successfully deploy pluggable coherent modules in an ever widening range of use cases.”

Fujitsu Optical Components
“FOC has successfully developed the mass production technology for a compact, low power consumption CFP2 ACO transceiver by using new in-house optical devices,” said Hideki Isono, Senior Expert with FOC. “We are pleased to be working with ClariPhy’s Coherent DSP Reference Platform in the OIF CFP2-ACO demonstration at this year’s OFC tradeshow and excited to be moving our customers toward mainstream deployment of this important new technology.”

“Oclaro’s industry leading InP technology is driving its next generation of high performance CFP2-ACO optical modules designed for a variety of DWDM lineside applications at 100G and 200G,” said Adam Carter, Chief Commercial Officer with Oclaro. “The analog coherent CFP2 module offers significant advantages over existing solutions in terms of reduced power dissipation and increased density with the added benefit of pluggability for reduced first installed cost.”

About ClariPhy
ClariPhy is a leading provider of 100G to 400G and beyond semiconductor solutions that establish benchmarks for performance, bandwidth, power and reach while slashing deployment costs. ClariPhy provides the world’s fastest off the shelf, Coherent and Ethernet solutions for scaling Internet bandwidth for data centers, transport infrastructure and cloud-based networks. ClariPhy is headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices in Los Altos, California, and Cordoba, Argentina. For more information, visit

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