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200G Multiprotocol Multirate ADM providing Next Generation Optical Transport Solutions for Enterpris


16 March 2016


200G Multiprotocol Multirate ADM providing Next Generation Optical Transport Solutions for Enterprise, Metro and Long Haul Networks

Tel Aviv, Israel – PacketLight Networks is happy to announce new PL-2000AD, PacketLight’s next generation 200G multi-protocol multi-rate Muxponder/ Transponder/ADM solution for building high capacity optical transport networks. PL-2000AD is featuring flexible architecture enabling the same device to be used in multiple applications and to adapt to network growth and changes. 
The PL-2000AD offers the most advanced optical transport technologies combining the latest pluggable optical transceivers, innovative digital signaling processing, encryption and OTN cross connect capabilities.  Furthermore, PL-2000AD offers high transport capacity of up to 200G in a modular and cost-effective way for rolling out multiple services.
The PL-2000AD is designed to meet the market demands for low power consumption, rack space savings, fast deployment and reduction of the overall solution CAPEX and OPEX for enterprise, metro and long haul networks.
The PL-2000AD supports a mix of variety client protocols and aggregates them into dual 100G OTU4 uplinks with OTN cross connect matrix. The platform transports various client protocols such as 10G/40G/100G LAN, STM64/OC192, OTU2/3/4 and 8G/10G/16G/32G FC. Thus, PL-2000AD is highly adaptable allowing an easy migration from current to  future service requirements (protocols and rates) without replacing hardware.

PacketLight’s easy to use web based management tool as well as PacketLight’s LightWatch™ NMS/EMS, allows A-to-Z provisioning, full event logging, line and service performance monitoring and scalable network management.

"The next generation optical transport solutions calls for higher capacity and better performance while meeting new challenges of data confidentiality all in a smaller foot print with less power and lower cost. PacketLight continues to develop and provide solutions for these evolving needs, and the PL-2000AD is the latest addition to our portfolio, which sets a high standard for flexible, high-end solution that integrates all the capabilities needed from next generation optical platforms in an ultra-compact footprint.
The PL-2000AD is designed for both metro and long haul applications supporting different network topologies thanks to its built-in OTN cross connect switching capability together with support of 10/40/100G protocol mix.  It fits perfectly to today’s network challenges and applications and supports our customer’s future needs effectively," stated Koby Reshef, PacketLight’s CEO.
About PacketLight Networks, Ltd.
PacketLight Networks offers a suite of Leading 1U Metro CWDM/DWDM and OTN solutions for transport of data, voice and video applications, over dark fiber and WDM networks, featuring high quality, reliability and performance with encryption capability at affordable prices. Our products are distinguished with low power consumption ideal for CLE (Customer Located Equipment) allowing maximum flexibility as well as ease of maintenance and operation and providing real Pay-as-you-grow architecture. For product and reseller information, 

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