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ASE-Test Source for Yokogawa´s Multi Application Test System


09 February 2012

Gerald Werner Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH

ASE-Test Source for Yokogawa´s Multi Application Test System

MEININGEN, GERMANY, Feb. 9 - This year Fibotec Fiberoptics releases a new C+L-band ASE-source version that is presented first time at OFCNFOEC. The package was developed for operation in Yokogawa´s MATS mainframes AQ2211 and AQ2212 and some of Yokogawa´s older models.

This 17dBm (50mW) source provides more than -12dBm/nm within a wavelength range of 1528-1608nm with extremely well power stability (0.003dB) for test customers. Near term it is planned to offer more customized light sources that fit and complement this excellent test platform.

Fibotec (Meiningen/Germany) is supplier of customized fiber optical solutions, widely used in test & measerement and sensing applications. The fiber optical light sources, fiber optical interferometers and ranging products are OEM-subsystems or private label modules and instruments.

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