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  • Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, USA

09 February 2022


MRSI Systems innovative products receive industry recognition

Tewksbury, MA. — MRSI Systems (Mycronic Group), has been recognized for multiple awards since OFC 2021. We are looking forward to sharing our new product innovations at OFC 2022. Please visit the MRSI Booth #4046 to learn more. Contact us to schedule a meeting at OFC.

MRSI receives Laser Focus World Innovators Award for H-TO die bonder

In September 2021, MRSI Systems, a leading manufacturer of fully automated, high-precision, high-speed die bonding, and epoxy dispensing systems was recognized as a 2021 Silver Honoree for the Laser Focus World Innovators Award in the Manufacturing Equipment for Photonic Components category. The MRSI-H-TO was recognized for an innovative design that resulted in marked improvement over previous methods employed, approaches taken, or products/systems used. The MRSI-H-TO is the industry’s first 1.5 micron ultra-flexible, high-speed die bonder platform for multi-dies, and multiple-processes, targeting the new complex TO-based photonic device volume manufacturing for the high-speed DCI, and 5G wireless network rollout.

MRSI Systems received the 2021 CIOE Silver Award for the MRSI-HVM Die Bonder

In September 2021, MRSI Systems won the China Optoelectronics Expo Award (CIOE Award) for the latest MRSI-HVM 1.5 micron series of products. The MRSI-HVM with conveyor is an outstanding innovation, widely used in optoelectronic production, specifically the production of high-density and high-speed data center optical interconnection and backbone network transmission using 400G+ photoelectric devices, as well as 5G wireless applications using complex TO-based TOSA/ROSA devices containing DFB/WDM/EMLs. The new and innovative MRSI-HVM 1.5 micron series provides the best automated manufacturing solution for high-mix and high-volume optoelectronic production, in the era of data center / 5G, and brings the best return on investment for optoelectronic and high-power laser device manufacturing customers.

MRSI-H-TO 1.5 micron Die Bonder Won the Award for “Infostone Outstanding Technology”

The MRSI-H-TO 1.5-micron die bonder was recognized as the winner of the Outstanding Technology Award by a distinguished panel of industry experts. The Infostone Heroes list is chosen by 30 experts in the field of optical communication and Infostone Consulting, who evaluate the products on the basis of: technology, cost, market share, customer satisfaction and third-party test performance, as well as company business performance, growth rate, research and development intensity, patent and other factors. The 2021 Annual Infostone Heroes list was generated through multiple rounds of extensive evaluation and a comprehensive scoring system.