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23 February 2022

Lily Xiao lily@hyc-system.com

HYC introduces optical fiber flex circuit

HYC will introduce its optical circuit at OFC 2022 in San Diego, CA. The optical fiber flex circuit provides a solution of efficient routing, high-core number connection, and complete customization. It can be widely used in applications, including multi-core fiber cross transmission, switch equipment, optical backplane interconnection, card-to-card connection, rack-to-rack connection, wavelength selection switch, and high-density fiber management.

A single customized optical fiber flex circuit can replace complex bundled jumper connections, which can significantly save equipment space, improve the smoothness of airflow between equipment, and improve the working environment of sensitive components.

About HYC Co., Ltd

Founded in 2000, HYC is the world's leading passive optical devices ODM/JDM manufacturer who engages in R&D, producing, marketing and providing services of fiber optical products. Its main products are optical fiber connectivity solutions, WDM, PLC splitters, optical switch and other passive devices.

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