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01 March 2019

Tomoyuki Fujita Chief Executive Officer AIO Core Co., Ltd. 47-12-301, Sekiguchi 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0014, JAPAN Tel: +81-3-6265-3956, FAX: +81-3-6265-3957 E-mail: t-fujita@aiocore.com Website: http://www.aiocore.com/

AIO Core Announces Commercial Product Release of Industry-First Ultra-Low Power and Extremely Compact Silicon Photonics Engine for 100 Gbps transceivers.

COBO Compliant Commercial Product Release and Module Demo at OFC 2019 Exhibition (Booth 4246).


Tokyo, Japan. – March 1, 2019

AIO Core announces availability of its I/O core commercial product line. The I/O core is an innovative silicon photonics optical engine designed for ultra-low power and small size transceivers. The novel I/O core transceiver is a 5mmx5mm chip scale package.  I/O Core Transceiver operating in 1300nm band using 4x25Gbps is demonstrated to fit in recently announced COBO Module Class A form factor for 800Gbps adapter card.

“This product release opens the door for applications such as multi-lane 100 Gbps and higher rate Datacom links with COBO compliant ultra-high spatial density ”, said Mr. Kazuhiko Kurata, Chief Technology Officer of AIO Core Co., Ltd. “This optical engine enables real application of Silicon photonics I/O core in next generation datacenter links including on-board optics and future chip-to-chip communication in servers”, he added.

As industry moves to higher data rates, optical interconnects are expected to penetrate shorter reach chip-to-chip and intra-chip (on-chip) links. This silicon photonics I/O core enclosed in a single package compliant with the COBO guidelines, will be especially beneficial for system-in-package (SIP) architecture where a number of integrated circuit chips can be  enclosed in a modular fashion .  The low cost, compact, and low power high data rate optical engine has the benefits of economies of scale in volume applications such as, Datacom, Industrial automation, Medical devices, and consumer electronics at low cost.

With our commitment to continuing innovation, I believe we will realize a handheld high-performance computer (HPC) in the near future”, said Mr. Tomoyuki Fujita, Chief Executive Officer of AIO Core Inc.

AIO Core is a startup company dedicated to development of high-speed silicon photonics optical engine for datacenter networks, HPC and other application is located in Tokyo, Japan.