CompoundTek Partners with Southampton Silicon Photonics Group to Offer Design Services


27 February 2019

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CompoundTek Partners with Southampton Silicon Photonics Group to Offer Design Services

Combined design and foundry services expected to accelerate new industry entrants

Singapore, 27 February 2019 – CompoundTek, a global foundry services leader in emerging silicon photonic solutions has partnered with the Silicon Photonics Group at the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), to offer silicon photonics design services.

The Silicon Photonics Group was founded by Professor Graham Reed to support UK silicon photonics research and spans than 25 years. The Group has developed designs which has since become the industry standard in data centres, telecoms, and high-performance computing applications. 

This unique industry partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of silicon photonics technology, a key enabler to transporting high levels of data, instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency and capacity within data centres. Silicon photonics technology is also paving the way for emerging applications such as data transfer, autonomous vehicles, telecoms, biomedical and artificial intelligence.  

As CompoundTek continues to gain solid traction and march forward with customer expansion globally, its design services offer combined design and foundry services which are expected to accelerate new industry entrants. This design partnership with the ORC is led by Industry pioneer Prof. Graham Reed. The partnership aims to facilitate new entrants into the silicon photonics industry by allowing them access to value-added design services backed by CompoundTek’s foundry fabrication service offering.

“CompoundTek looks forward to providing the marketplace Silicon Photonics’ design capabilities as a value-added service in addition to our existing foundry fabrication services. This strategic partnership reflects CompoundTek’s commitment to developing advanced solutions with real commercial benefits,” said Raj Kumar, chief executive officer of CompoundTek.

Singapore-based CompoundTek is today, one of the few global foundries/companies equipped in manufacturing silicon photonics, and its services includes end-to-end industry expertise from process technology to product co-design to manufacturing with strategic design partners. CompoundTek is exhibiting its Si photonics solutions at OFC 2019, Booth #6105 from 5th – 7th at the San Diego Convention Centre, USA.

About CompoundTek Pte Ltd

Founded and supported by industry veterans and technologists, Singapore-based CompoundTek combines world-class commercial foundry with leading silicon photonics (SiPh) research institutes to provide cutting-edge SiPh technologies that enhance foundry services capabilities. As one of the elites offering SiPh solutions internationally, CompoundTek brings to the marketplace revolutionary semiconductor applications designed to meet critical requirements in high bandwidth and high data transfer solutions particularly in emerging connectivity driving Industry 4.0. The company’s in-depth know-how includes end-to-end technologies - from proprietary fabrication process expertise to product design support with strategic partners and extended services for end-product manufacturing. CompoundTek’s global customers span leading brands and FORTUNE 500 companies in high-growth industries including artificial intelligence, automotive, bio-medical diagnostics, data centre, lidar, smart sensor, telecommunication and quantum optical computing. 

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About Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at the University of Southampton

The Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) is one of the world’s leading institutes for photonics research, based in the Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics, at the University of Southampton. It is led by some of the leading figures in the field of photonics, who have contributed significantly to the remarkable growth of the photonics industry, including the optical telecommunication technology that underpins the internet as well as solutions in medicine, biosciences sensing, security and manufacturing.