• A Hybrid Conference – In-Person and Virtual Presentations
  • Technical Conference:  24 – 28 March 2024
  • Exhibition: 26 – 28 March 2024
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

OFCnet Demonstration Guidelines

OFCnet features a real-time network built to showcase state-of-the-art research demonstrations and proof-of-concept implementations of:

  • Novel production/interoperable networks.
  • Emerging network technology, including quantum communications, sensor networks, and AI.
  • Interruptible networks that use novel commercial or non-commercial optical communications devices and systems.

Demonstrations occur on a dedicated high-speed network designed explicitly for OFCnet that provides both internal OFC access as well as connections to National Research & Education Networks (NRENs) such as CENIC, ESnet and Internet2.  The proposed demonstrations are encouraged to be collaborative and experimental in nature.

Topic Categories:

All demonstrations should fall into one of three broad categories but may include elements in more than one defined category.  The categories are:

  • novel production/interoperable high-speed networks; 
  • quantum communications, sensor networks, AI, and emerging network technology; and
  • interruptible networks.

If you would like to submit a proposal to utilize the live network for demonstration purposes please see the guidelines below.  Demonstration applications are being accepted through Thursday, 26 October 2023. 

Submit Demonstration Proposal

OFCnet Demonstration Submission Guidelines:

Preliminary Extended Abstract
A one or two-page (pdf) document outlining the high-level goals and activities related to the demonstration including key innovations and novelty of your demonstration. The title of the demonstration and the name and affiliation of the primary person responsible for the demonstration name must appear on the first page with all additional authors and their affiliations. The objective should be to demonstrate an innovative application, a working prototype, or a novel concept in optical communication devices, systems, transmissions, and networks. Please proof your work before submitting it.
Network and Power Requirements

A one or two- page document that clearly outlines key requirements for your demonstration.   At the minimum this should include the following: 

  • Power: AC 110V or 208V; expected power consumption in Watts (anyone requiring DC will have to provide the appropriate equipment); 
  • Fiber: number of pairs needed within the convention center; Is a dedicated fiber pair required for an external connectivity; if external connectivity is shared – expected bandwidth required and location of external source (city, state, country of origin if outside the convention center);
  • Type of fiber connectors required or preferred (clearly designate if required)
  • Space: Number of rack units required and additional space required in the OFCnet primary control room.  Please designate the required Wattage for equipment in the OFCnet control racks and room.
  • Requested manufacturer loaned equipment required for the demonstration.  Please include model and alternate models that may work.

Note: Please provide any additional information you believe will be critical to the OFCnet Network Build and OFCnet Network Architecture Teams that they will/may need to support your demonstration.

A one or two-page PowerPoint/pdf or similar slide(s) providing the key elements of your desired network, including key equipment at your demonstration site (could be your booth) and at OFCnet central.  The diagram must include details of all fiber between various parts of your demonstration, including those pointing to a location outside the Convention Center.
Important Deadlines
Submission Deadline - 26 October
Inital Acceptance - 17 November
Final Acceptance - 8 December