What Makes Ethernet, Ethernet?

Wednesday, 09 March 10:30 – 11:30
Theater II

Session Description:

Ethernet’s adoption continues to spread across application spaces with increasing diversity in its rates and implementation. Ethernet over optical and electrical cabling is finding new forms of implementation. This is not just diversity in form factor for the module at the ends but also in deployment scenarios. New higher capacity modules are being introduced to support multiple ports of a lower rate of Ethernet as their primary purpose. In some cases, the new higher rate of Ethernet the module could support has not yet been defined but is in process to be standardized (e.g., 800G and 1.6T Ethernet). The new co-packaged optics scheme goes even farther with it target implementation capacity that goes well beyond even the rates of Ethernet in consideration (e.g., 3.2T). The panel will cover the defining aspects of Ethernet and how the industry seeks to preserve interoperation regardless of implementation. When I see it, how do I know it is Ethernet?