• Technical Conference:  05 – 09 March 2023
  • Exhibition: 07 – 09 March 2023
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

OpenZR+: Enabling High-Performance Router-Based Optics

Thursday, 10 March 11:30 – 12:30
Theater III

Session Description:

The session will provide an overview of OpenZR+, including MSA objectives, the status of specification updates and network operator use cases. Panelists could include component/module vendors and switch/router participants from the MSA, as well as a network operator perspective.


Tom Williams, Cisco, USA


Hacene Chaouch, Distinguished Engineer, Arista, USA

Kim Papakos , Windstream, USA

Atul Srivastava, NEL America, USA

Walid Wakim, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco, USA