The three exhibit hall theaters feature presentations by experts from major global brands and key industry
organizations. Get high-level perspectives on hot topics like intra and inter data center connectivity, infrastructure and machine learning/automation. Learn about the state of the industry, emerging trends and recommended courses of action for how to tackle today’s toughest business challenges.

N5 Network Operator Summit and Market Watch Sub-Committee Chair:
Andrew Schmitt, Cignal AI, USA

2022 Industry Program Chair
Scott Wilkinson, Cignal AI, USA


Intra and Inter Data Center Connectivity

Deployment of 400ZR and the Ongoing OIF Work to Define 800ZR/LR

Open ZR+: Enabling High-performance Router-based Optics

What Makes Ethernet, Ethernet?


Network Infrastructure

Building Open & Disaggregated Networks (TIP)

Evolution of Optics for Mobile (MOPA)

MEC Architecture and Deployment for Services Close to End Users

OpenROADM Demo Updates and Demo


Access Networks

F5G Update: Emerging Use Cases and Demonstrations

The Converged Mobile Xhaul and FTTH Fiber Access Opportunity

The Future of PON: 25G or 50G?


Optical Systems and Components

Beyond 400G – IEEE Update on Progress Towards 800 GbE and 1.6 TbE

An OIF Update on Electrical Rates: 112G Technical Closure and the Latest Progress and Challenges

Hollow Core Fiber - Ready for Prime Time?

Space-based Optical Communications – Unleashing the Potential of Space


Standard and Industry Group Updates

AIM Photonics and the Next PIC Generation

DARPA Photonics Programs