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NTT Electronics Corp. is a leading supplier of cutting-edge electronics and photonics components for optical networks. Based on the advanced technology from NTT R&D, such as digital coherent signal processing, advanced PLC, and photonic semiconductor manufacturing/device technology, we provide unique products with excellent performance enabling customer’s competitive product design. Furthermore, we are commercializing highly integrated photonic devices with electronics in order to meet challenging requirements of NTT’s recent IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) initiative. 

In OFC2021, we showcase the following products summarized below: 1) 100G and higher rate Coherent Digital Signal Processors, 2) Advanced Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) products for long-haul/metro DCI applications, 3)Access and client interface components for cost effective PON and 5G access networks, and 4) Unique solution for “non-telecommunication” application using network photonic device or advanced material/device technology. 

[100G and higher Coherent DSP]

The ExaSPEED series DSP chipset for coherent networks is our core product set, which started in 2012 with first generation 100G solution. Here we highlight our ExaSPEED 200 and ExaSPEED TERA products optimized for 200G and higher rates up to 600G respectively. These are based on mature 16nm technology for reliable application in metro, long-haul and DCI networks.

[Advanced PLC products]

Based on advanced PLC technology invented by NTT laboratories, we offer high-quality PLC products such as Athermal AWG, MCS, and other devices for telecom, datacenter, and mobile networks. Innovative advanced ultra-high-index PLC can provide compact large-scale optical switches with high functionality for small-form-factor optical submodules.

[High performance Components for Ethernet Access and 5G networks]

We offer high sensitivity 25Gbaud InP Chip-on-Carrier APD and SiGe burst-mode-TIA chips for 10G PON (ITU/IEEE standard compliant) access networks. We also provide high-output power EMLs (Electro- absorption Modulator Integrated Laser Diodes). These differentiated products are suitable for extended reach Ethernet links in PON and 5G backhaul and fronthaul networks for cost effective infrastructure deployment.

[Highly Advanced Materials and Optical Device Technology Solutions]

We offer solutions, derived from the latest advances in NTT Laboratories, for industrial sensing and academic research. Our network-grade DFB-LD product is applicable to various gas sensing applications in industrial to infrastructure. Our PPLN-waveguide based wavelength converter for visible and Mid-IR range applications, and a unique photomixer using UTC-PD for THz wave generation.

NTT Electronics is a subsidiary of NTT and one of the NTT Group company. Another group company, NTT Advanced Technology Corporation also exhibit in OFC2021. Please also visit their booth here.


Product Showcase

1. Multiband ROADM Technologies
2. Next Generation IM-DD device technologies
3. IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network)
4.  Coherent and Open Network Technologies
5. 100G-and-beyond Coherent Components (Digital Coherent DSP, high-bandwidth CDM)
6. Advanced PLC Components (Ultra-SFF Athermal AWG and  Multicast Switch)
7. Access and Client Interface Components
8. Cutting-edge Optical Technology Solution



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