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We Aim to Be a “Value Partner” That Constantly Evolves with Our Customer 

Along with the fast-paced changes in the economic environment and social structure today, the issues that face society and companies also change constantly.
Aside from our understood role of solving problems one by one as they come, in sincere response to our customer’s request, we at NTT-AT also aim to provide innovative proposals as we discover problems and areas for improvement in anticipation of our customer’s goals.
We consider it incumbent upon us to be a partner that constantly evolves together with our customer, as we read the trends of the times and derive solutions that our customer seeks.

For this reason, it is necessary for all our employees to continuously improve their skills as individuals.
Our Corporate mission, “Human Power and Technology” embodies our desire to clear the way for the future and move it in a big way, together with our customer, by multiplying the strength and technology of our employees.
Towards the further development of our customer’s business, contribution to society, and all other infinite possibilities, NTT-AT will further build on its resolute efforts to constantly evolve with you.

NTT-AT is exhibiting Optical Connector Cleaners, Polishers, Polishing films, Optical Adhesives and Sealants, Optical Switches and Fiber Endface Inspection tools at this OFC online booth. See the product showcase below for details. And we also have a special contents on our website. Please see it together.

NTT-AT is a subsidiary of NTT and one of the NTT Group company. NTT Group is a leading company in the telecommunications business.

Another group company, NTT Electronics Corporation is also in this OFC2021 and they are running an "Original online booth". Please also stop by their newly online booth, click here to visit.


Product Showcase

【FREE SAMPLE OFFER】 The Final Polishing Film and Rubber Pad
Intelligent Optical Switch NSW  & CSW Series
Optical Adhesives and Sealants
Optical Connector Endface Inspection tools and 3D measurement equipment
Optical Connector Polisher Series
Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner
Polishing Films
ROME (Robotic Optical Management Engine)




Mailing Address
Muza Kawasaki Central Tower, 1310 Omiya-cho Saiwai-ku
Kawasaki, Kanagawa 2120014, JP

Ichiro Saeki
Sales Manager
Yusuke Sakurai
Sales and Business Development
Yuri Okazaki
Sales Manager of North and South America(Adhesives)
Miwako Fujii
International Sales (Materials)