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CANCELLED - System Evaluation of On-board Optics

Theater II

Session organized by the Consortium for On-Board Optics (COBO)


Session Description
On-board optical modules have been demonstrated since ECOC 2018, and systems using on-board optics were displayed at OFC 2019. This panel reviews the learnings that have come from designed systems and building networks using onboard optics. Information will be shared why these learnings are critical for moving optics forward in the industry; especially as the industry looks toward developments such as terabit optical modules and co-packaged optics.

Brad Booth, Chairman, COBO

Brad Booth is a distinguished leader in Ethernet technology development and standardization. Currently heading up the 25/50G Ethernet Consortium and the Consortium for On-Board Optics, he is a Network Hardware Manager at Microsoft where he leads the development of hyper-scale networking products for Microsoft’s cloud datacenters. Previously, Brad has held strategist and engineering positions at Dell, Intel and Bell-Northern Research. The holder of over 20 patents related to networking technologies, he has also received awards for his contributions to industry consortia and IEEE Ethernet standards.


David ChenAVP, Strategic Marketing & Standard Office for Transceiver, Applied Optoelectronics, Inc., USA
COBO Projects from AOI

An introduction of AOI’s efforts on COBO projects from 200G, 400G, 800G and into 1.6T, including challenges and some comparisons with COBO, QSFP-DD, and OSFP designs.

Alexandra Henniger-LudwigHead of Optics R&D Team, Rosenberger, Germany
Rosenberger Compliance Boards for Testing in the OBO Environment​

Rosenberger Compliance Boards allow testing even in dense environments, such as on-board optics. With our cable-based approach tight loss requirements can be fulfilled while keeping the flexibility to access all channels at any time for characterization. High-speed coaxial test points support signal-integrity investigations using 2.4 mm calibration standards.

Brian HC LanDirector of R&D, Centera Photonics Inc., Taiwan
On-board Optics Based on Advanced Silicon and III-V Heterogeneous Integration Technology, Now and the Future

Centera has realized 400G SR8 COBO interconnects based on hybrid-integrated Silicon interposer and successfully demonstrated the data traffic over the COBO switches, resulting in equivalent performance and more than 30% power reductions compared with previous DSP-based solutions. Our approach enables the next generation optical engine by faster lane speeds, higher channel density, and less power consumption via heterogeneous integration onto the Silicon platform.

Winnie Lin, Director of Engineering, Delta Electronics Inc., Taiwan
System Evaluation of On-Board Optics

On-board optical modules have been demonstrated successfully in ECOC 2019, not only traffic running between COBO modules but also with QSFP-DD and OSFP.  This prove On-board optical modules are feasible and could be designed in the chassis. We will share the study for what we need to consider when integrate the On-board optical to the system. We will also share what’s the benefit if we have the system with On-board optical modules.


David ChenAVP, Strategic Marketing & Standard Office for Transceiver, Applied Optoelectronics, Inc., USA

As AVP of Transceiver Technology & Strategic Marketing at Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AOI), David involves with advance technology platform definition for next generation transceiver projects/products for data transmission applications including Data Center applications.  Prior to joining AOI, David holds several senior management positions for transceiver projects/products  developments in companies such as Multiplex, Emcore, Sumitomo, JDSU, etc. Before Multiplex Inc., David also served as MTS in AT&T/Lucent Bell Laboratory in Allentown/Breinigsville, PA for 15 years. David holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and a BS in Physics from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Alexandra Henniger-LudwigHead of Optics R&D Team, Rosenberger, Germany

Dr. Alexandra Henniger-Ludwig, born and raised in Munich, Germany. Ph.D in Electrical Enigneering and Information Technology from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germay on the topic “Stacked Modulation Formats enabeling highest-sensitivity optical free-space links”. Since 2014 with Rosenberger in R&D and soon after head of optics R&D team.


Brian HC LanDirector of R&D, Centera Photonics Inc., Taiwan

Brian Hsiao-Chin (HC) Lan is Co-Founder and RD head of Centera Photonics Inc., which established in 2010 and spin-off from Government-Funded Project at National Central University in Taiwan. Centera is an industrial pioneer to realize Silicon interposer technology as the optical engine, and now offers wide ranges of pluggable 100G/400G SR/LR optics in Data-COM applications. Brian is also dedicated to the development of next-gen On-board and Co-packaged Optics based on the endlessly extensible Silicon platform. He holds more than 20 papers and patents related to high-speeds optical interconnects based on Micro/Nano optical devices, Silicon micro-machining, and heterogeneous integration technology.

Winnie Lin, Director of Engineering, Delta Electronics Inc., Taiwan

Winnie Lin was born in Taiwan and earned a Master Degree of Electric Engineering at National Central University there. Starting her career as an EE design engineer 20+ years ago, Winnie has established herself as one of the most accomplished R&D leaders in the Networking industry.

In 2017, Winnie joined Delta Electronics Inc., transitioned to the role of the Engineering Director at the Delta Networking Infrastructure Business Unit (DNI BU), and started leading a team of ca. 400 engineers. With her persistence in quality and details, Winnie’s contribution have been appreciated by many customers.




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