The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Smart Cities Connect Future Communities

Tuesday, 5 March, 12:45-14:15
Theater III, Hall G
Session organized by IEEE Smart Cities Technical Community

Session Description

To address global challenges such as changing climate and increasing congestion, cities are searching for ways to become more efficient, resilient, sustainable, and prosperous. Advances in technology are creating opportunities meet these objectives; to improve conditions in cities, strengthen local and regional economies, and support healthy populations in this new era of urbanization. Advanced communication networks are recognized as critical and foundational infrastructures in modern cities, enabling solutions in energy, mobility, safety, and virtually any domain of smart city development. Hear from a practitioner's point of view during this panel as technology leaders within city governments discuss their motivations, challenges, successes, and ambitions with respect to deploying and leveraging advanced communications networks, primarily including fiber, in their smart city strategies.


Sandor Williams, Manager, Smart Grid and Technology, Commonwealth Edison, USA

Patrick Graves, Chair, IEEE Smart Cities Steering Committee, Manager of Smart Grid Programs, ComEd, USA (Technical Advisor)


Jory Wolf, VP Digital Innovation, Magellan Advisors, USA

Anton D. (Tony) Batalla, Information Technology Manager, City Manager’s Office, City of San Leandro, USA

Dennis Gakunga, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chula Vista, USA



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