The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Open Management and Monitoring of Multilayer Webscale and Carrier Networks Program

Tuesday, 13 March, 11:00-12:30
Theater III, Hall B2
Session organized by OpenConfig

Session Description

Operators face significant challenges in scaling global networks while reducing costs and delivering highly available infrastructure and services. The need to constantly evolve the network has led to a mix of equipment from multiple vendors or open whitebox devices to exploit advances in cost, power consumption, and capacity. Standard, vendorneutral device models and management interfaces are essential to efficiently manage these heterogeneous networks. At the same time, software defined networking (SDN) with centralized traffic engineering and control has proven to increase utilization and performance, at layer-3 and layer-1. This session will host representatives from web scale operators, carriers, and equipment manufacturers to discuss these challenges. Panelists will focus on the latest open management interfaces (OpenConfig, NETCONF, OpenFlow, etc.), new monitoring approaches such as streaming telemetry and pub/sub, and innovations in SDN and transport-SDN.


Tad HofmeisterTad Hofmeister, Network Architect, Google, USA
Tad Hofmeister has been a Network Architect at Google since 2011, helping to scale and optimize Google's production optical networks. He supports long haul, metro, and campus network design and short reach device interconnects. Prior to Google, Tad was an architect, system engineer, and hardware designer for several optical transport and packet processing companies including: Ciena, Matisse Networks, OpVista, and Applied Signal Technology. Tad earned MS and Ph.D. degrees in EE from Stanford University and BS degrees from Columbia University and Bates College.


Santiago Alvarez, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco, USA

Denizcan Billor, Optical Engineer, Microsoft, USA

Davika SeunarineDavika Seunarine, Senior Software Designer, Ciena, USA

Davika Seunarine is currently a senior software designer working on Ciena's optical transport systems.  Davika joined the optical networking industry in 2001 working on management interfaces for converged photonic, SONET/OTN and layer 2 packet optical transponders at Nortel.  Her work evolved to software development on Ciena’s packet optical networking products and then to integrating open APIs for automation and programming of Ciena’s data center interconnect platforms. Davika's most recent achievements include developing and productizing the OpenConfig, gRPC based gNMI interface on Ciena’s Waveserver Ai data center interconnect platform.  This platform utilizes Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent chipset.

Anees Shaikh, Network Architect, Google, USA


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