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San Diego Convention Center,
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Open, Multi-vendor Networks - Design, Management and Operations

Wednesday, 11 March, 15:30 - 17:00

Theater III

Session organized by OpenConfig

Session Description
Large-scale transport networks continue to evolve toward increasingly open and programmable data planes and management interfaces, coupled with greater interest in hardware and software disaggregation that enable greater flexibility and efficiency. These trends require open, multi-vendor software tools for the entire network lifecycle, from design and planning, to provisioning and operations, then migration to new technology. In this session, panelists will review and discuss some of the latest developments in software to help operators design and manage multi-vendor heterogeneous, disaggregated networks at scale.

Eric Breverman, Staff Transport Network Engineer, Tech Lead for Optical Automation, Google, USA


Ian Alderdice, Firmware Team Lead for Ciena Optical Microsystems, Ciena, Canada
Open Optical Module Management

Managing optical modules is becoming more complex as the optical modules become more flexible and powerful.  Host platforms are looking for interfaces that allow new optical modules without significant development.  The OIF management interface group are creating a new interface model to manage complex modules from different vendors without having to write new drivers for each module.

Esther Le Rouzic, R&D Engineer, Orange Labs, France
Open Optical Design Software

Openness and interoperability are key issues for Orange, which motivated our contribution to GNPy open source software. Its algorithms and models are open and support multivendor cases. Now, Orange uses GNPy for planning, studies, procurement and purchasing process preparation and analysis and explores its use for network automation.

Anees Shaikh, Senior Staff Engineer, Google, USA
Open Optical APIs

OpenConfig is an operator-led initiative to develop vendor-neutral interfaces for managing network systems.  A key part of the OpenConfig ecosystem is a collection of open gRPC-based services that provide secure and efficient transport for configuration, telemetry, and operational commands.  We will describe our experience designing, implementing, and deploying gNMI and gNOI at scale in our production networks.

Pavan Voruganti, CEO and Chairman, Vayu Group LLC
Acceleration Strategies for Productization of Open Multi-vendor Networks

In order to successfully deploy in scale open and multi-vendor networks, Mr. Voruganti believes all service providers must take advantage of the innate value of disaggregation. The umbrella of disaggregation architecture offers the service providers the ability to select the best in class technology building blocks with different innovation cycles without compromising on performance and time to market. However, with plethora of building block choices from multiple vendors, qualifying solutions can drastically delay productization of multiple vendor solution networks. The industry must continue to build and leverage open automation and orchestration tools which are vendor independent and which can integrate the open planning tools and the open APIs to accelerate the validation of the end to end architecture involving the ever evolving building blocks from multiple vendors. Through active collaboration from all stakeholders, the networking industry can truly take advantage of this disruptive architecture.


Ian Alderdice, Firmware Team Lead for Ciena Optical Microsystems, Ciena, Canada

Ian Alderdice is the Firmware Team Lead for Ciena Optical Microsystems.  He is responsible for firmware development for all products offered by  the Ciena Optical Microsystems business unit.  He is the Technical Editor for the Coherent CMIS document in the OIF and active in management interface activities.  He has held a wide range of software roles from developer to release manager in 24 years at Nortel and Ciena.  He holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from Dalhousie University.

Eric Breverman, Staff Transport Network Engineer, Tech Lead for Optical Automation, Google, USA

Eric Breverman is a staff network engineer at Google. He is the technical lead of automation and software defined networking for Google's production optical network. Currently, his main objectives are to drive the industry to adopt a modern machine to machine approach for interacting with optical devices and to implement these platforms into Google's software stack. Specifically, this entails monitoring with OpenConfig based streaming telemetry and pushing declarative configuration via OpenConfig. A key aspect of his work has been contributing and educating others on the optical OpenConfig models. Eric holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Esther Le Rouzic, R&D Engineer, Orange Labs, France

Esther Le Rouzic received a telecommunication degree from Telecom Bretagne, Bretagne, France, an M.Sc. from the University College London, London, UK, in 1996, and a Ph.D. in Electronics and Communications from Telecom Paris, Paris, France, in 1999. She joined Orange Labs (previously France Telecom R& D), Lannion, France, in 2000, where she has been working on optical transport networks. Her research interests include optical network automation, flexible optical networks. She has been involved in national and European research projects, and is a contributor of the Gaussian Noise in Python (GNPy) open source project.

Anees Shaikh, Senior Staff Engineer, Google, USA

Anees Shaikh is with the Network Infrastructure team at Google where he leads works on management automation, cloud networking, and network reliability in Google’s production networks.  Prior to joining Google, he was the Chief SDN Architect at IBM where he was responsible for IBM's software-defined networking product architecture and technical strategy, including leading IBM’s open source networking engagements. 

Pavan Voruganti, CEO and Chairman, Vayu Group LLC

Pavan Voruganti is the CEO and Chairman of Vayu Group LLC – a System Integrator focused on helping Service providers build next generation disaggregated and automated Optical and IP Networks. With over two decades of networking industry experience, Pavan has held various leadership roles in engineering, technical marketing, product line management and business development across both startups and large OEMs. Mr. Voruganti has a M.Sc in Software Engineering from California State University, Fullerton. He is based out of San Jose, California.

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