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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Fibre Types and Amplifiers: Choices and Trade-offs

Thursday, 12 March 15:00 - 16:00
Theater III

Session Description

This panel will review the various types of optical fibers deployed today in the long haul network segments and how they perform with different amplifier technologies. It will look at how newer fiber and amplifier advancements are evolving to increase range, capacity, data rate, and performance/value alternatives. It will explore a range of variables including Raman vs. EDFA, ultra-low loss and large effective area fibers, and amplifier advances as it relates to expansion of amplified wavelength ranges and higher data rates.

Richard Ednay
, Technical Director, OTT, UK
Larry Johnson, President, Fiberstory, USA
Tim Yount, Founder, Fiber Insight (FI), USA


Sergejs Makovejs, Market and Technology Development Manager, Corning, Germany
Fibers for Long-haul Terrestrial and Submarine Networks

This talk will review the nuances associated with terrestrial- and submarine-grade fiber technology. We will quantify the benefits of ultra-low attenuation and large effective area fibers both in terms of spectral efficiency and reach improvement. Finally, we will provide a view on evolutionary and revolutionary pathways for future fibers.

Francois Moore, Principal Product Planner, Fujitsu Network Communications, USA
Transmitting Ever Closer to the Limit…

Increased transmission rates require improvements to fiber, ROADMs and transponders. Often, replacing the fiber is neither practical nor cost effective. Carriers have to use the “fiber they have” and rely on better FEC, DSP, software  and ROADM technology to keep increasing capacity. We’ll introduce system level improvements helping achieve this goal.

Wayne Pelouch, Vice President Photonics, Xtera, Inc., USA
Raman Amplification for High Capacity Communications Systems

Increased transmission rates require improvements to fiber, ROADMs and amplifiers. Often, replacing the fiber is neither practical nor cost effective. Carriers have to use the “fiber they have” and rely on better DSP, ROADM and amplifier technologies to keep on increasing capacity. We’ll introduce amplifier and DSP technologies to help achieve this goal.

Benyuan Zhu, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, OFS Labs, USA
Advanced Er-doped Fiber Amplifier Technologies and New Developments

An overview on current status of advanced EDFA technologies for long haul terrestrial and submarine systems will be described, the new requirements and challenges for high energy efficient and wide-band amplifiers will be discussed, other development on EDFA arrays and low latency amplifier will also briefly be introduced.


Richard Ednay, Technical Director, OTT, UK
Richard has more than 35 years of experience in fibre optics. As Technical Director of OTT, he is one of the world's most experienced trainers in fibre optics and optical networking. He has also played a leading role in International Standards setting for fibre optics, having been involved with IEC, ITU, ISO/IEC and TIA.

His in-depth technical knowledge has been applied in the development of the globally renowned suite of certification programmes from OTT, available through a network of approved training delivery partners. These include the Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (CFCE), Certified Optical Network Associate (CONA) and Engineer (CONE) and the Certified Optical Fibre Installer (COFI).


Larry Johnson, President, Fiberstory, USA
Larry Johnson, President of FiberStory started his career in fiber optics in 1977.  As fiber optics specialist for Tektronix he was involved with the early development of test equipment and fiber optic test & measurement standards.  He founded The Light Brigade in 1986 where he developed over twenty courses on fiber optics.  He is a member of multiple industry technology committees including the Utility Telecom Council and the Fiber Broadband Association. At OFC he has coordinated special events including this year’s Test & Measurement center.  He also writes for several industry publications and is involved with the history of fiber optics.

Sergejs Makovejs, Market and Technology Development Manager, Corning, Germany

At Corning, Sergejs has global strategic responsibility for marketing, market development and product development direction of long-haul and submarine fiber segments. Sergejs received a Ph.D. in electronic and electrical engineering from UCL, U.K. and an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School, U.K. Prior to Corning, Sergejs worked at Siemens, where he was responsible for the design of rail automation signalling systems. Sergejs has authored and co-authored more than 40 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers in the field of optical communications. He is a regular presenter at international conferences and seminars on emerging technology trends that shape long-haul terrestrial and submarine networks.

Francois Moore, Principal Product Planner, Fujitsu Network Communications, USA

Mr. Francois Moore is currently a Principal Product Planner supporting the 1FINITY Product Line and DWDM Optical Transmission portfolio. Prior to this, he occupied various positions in product planning, product management and marketing within the FLASHWAVE 7000 and 9500 product family. Mr. Moore has over 25 years experience in various optical transport areas including ROADM & DWDM, G.709 & OTN as well as SONET & Ethernet. He holds a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from McGill University in Montreal, a Master's degree in Systems Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, a Finance Certificate from the SMU COX School of Business and he is also a part time PhD student at the University of Texas in Dallas. Mr. Moore is also named on eight patents covering various area of Optical Networking Technology. 

Wayne Pelouch, Vice President Photonics, Xtera, Inc., USA

Wayne Pelouch received his B.A. degree in Physics (Honors) and B.S. degree from Northwestern University in 1987, and his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from Cornell University in 1992. His thesis covered ultrafast lasers and nonlinear optical processes with applications in semiconductor physics. Dr. Pelouch joined Xtera Communications in 2001 and is currently the Vice President of Photonics at Xtera Inc. (Allen, TX) where he leads all Photonics activities including research, product development, and system network design. He has authored numerous publications and patents related to fiber optics and amplifier technology.


Tim Yount, Founder, Fiber Insight (FI), USA
Tim has over 30 years experience in various product and marketing related roles for key players in the fiber industry, including Siecor, Tektronix, HP/Agilent, and Acterna/JDSU.  Based on his observations, learning and practical field experiences, his consistent goal has been to provide more useful and effective solutions, plus effective training, to fiber test technicians and engineers.

He co-founded Fiber Insight (FI) with his wife Carla in 2014.   Since then, FI has continued to provide fiber infrastructure testing and networking design certification training (#OTT, #CFCE, #CONA) and a variety of test consulting services. Although involved in a wide range of fiber topologies and applications, Tim specializes in fiber infrastructure quality assessments to support high-speed applications including DWDM line side 100Gb/s and beyond. Through FI he provides services widely throughout North America and Southeast Asia.  Clients include primarily service providers, end users, x-ware and cloud providers, contractors, US Military bases and Aerospace.

Benyuan Zhu, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, OFS Labs, USA

Benyuan Zhu is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) at OFS Labs, he will focus on DWDM transmission system, new fibers and advanced amplifier technologies development. He joined Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies in Holmdel, NJ USA as an MTS in 1999; Benyuan Zhu received Ph.D. degree in Physics from Bath University, UK.

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