The Optical Networking and Communication
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Moscone Center,
San Francisco, California, USA

CANCELLED - Design Consideration of Next Generation Ethernet Switches with Higher Speed Optics

Theater II

Session Description

Data network capacity demands have been driving innovations in switching, ASIC and optical module design. These trends will continue for the foreseeable future by leveraging advances in silicon technology. Efficiency in size and power dissipation along with processing capability and level of integration have enabled switching ASICs with 12+Tb capacity and pluggable coherent modules for 400G-ZR applications. These innovations are creating radically new opportunities for networking advances as well as new challenges.

This panel will discuss the current view of the market that is driving these advancements, the progress and future plan for higher capacity switching systems and the advancement and level of integration of optical module design.

Market status and drivers:

  • How will advances in IC technology affect optical module design?
  • How are optical networks taking advantage of these developments?
  • How will next generation switching ASICs innovate optical modules?
  • What are the challenges for the next generation of Ethernet switching systems?

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