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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

How Centralized should Centralized SDN Control and Orchestration be?

Thursday, 7 March, 12:45-14:15 
Theater II, Hall E

Session Description

Software defined wide-area networks are finally becoming a reality both in terms of solution availability and deployments. An important part of the SDN architecture is the control architecture for the solution: should the entire network be controlled from a single monolithic software that covers all functions, from controlling the network gear, to orchestrating services across a multi-domain and multi-layer network? Or is it better to separate the functionality into per-domain controllers and per-service orchestrators? Should traditional network management functions be part of this control architecture, or should they remain separate? Should the solution be built on open-source controllers, or proprietary control functions with standard-based interfaces between them? The differences between these approaches are not merely technical. They affect vendor lock-in, the strength of the ecosystem, the ability of vendors to innovate and the complexity of standardization. The panel will provide different viewpoints on the topic and foster a discussion around the pros and cons of each approach. Speakers will include architects from traditional service providers, webscale companies, SDN software vendors and equipment vendors.


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