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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

2019 Product Showcases

Product Showcases

Tuesday, 13 March–Thursday, 15 March
Expo Theater III, Exhibit Hall B2

Exhibitors highlight their newest developments, products and services in 30-minute presentations on the show floor.

Tuesday, 5 March
10:15 – 10:45


Optical Intelligence

Christopher Janz, Technical Vice President, Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd. 

AI-based applications introduce network intelligence towards the full life cycle of optical networks. In this topic, we present key machine-learning based AI technologies, AI applications and their benefits supporting intelligent operation and maintenance of optical networks.

Wednesday, 6 March


High Speed Transport and Ultralow Latency Optical Network

Zeshan Chang, Research Engineer, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 

We will introduce latest solutions and technologies on next-generation optical network operating at 100G to 600G flexible data rate and ultralow latency optical networking based on optical cross connect. These technologies together lead to more agile and capable optical network.

Wednesday, 6 March


Next Generation 200G/400G PAM4 Optical Interconnects Break the Barrier of Future Datacenter Bandwidths

Yigal Ezra, CEO, ColorChip 

Leveraging multi-generational optical engine platform, based on proprietary SystemOnGlass™ technology, ColorChip continues to spearhead innovative products that address datacenter requirements for ever-increasing bandwidths. This presentation will highlight the new family of 100-400G PAM4 optical transceivers, featuring field-verified reliability, significantly low power consumption and scalable manufacturability.

Wednesday, 6 March

How to patent AI and software related inventions in Europe?

Åsa Ribbe, Team Manager and Senior Patent Examiner, European Patent Office 

Artificial Intelligence is set to play a key role in smart optical network planning but also for transmission-related aspects. How can I protect my AI inventions? The European Patent Office will present the opportunities for patenting AI inventions, within the context of its well-defined practices for patenting software implemented inventions.

Wednesday, 6 March, 12:00–12:30

Performance Improvements of Multi-mode Fiber for Next Generation 100+ Gb/s Data-communications 

Runhan Wang, Senior Expert in Multi-mode Fiber Product Line, YOFC 

We demonstrate the performance improvements and transmission experiments of bend-insensitive OM3, OM4 and OM5 multi-mode fibers. With these improvements, the multi-mode fibers will better meet requirements of the increase of transmission rate, from 100Gb/s to 400Gb/s and beyond, in cloud and large enterprise data centers.

Wednesday, 6 March

Xilinx, Inc.

Converged Networks for 5G RAN and Broadband Services

Faisal Dada, Director Marketing Strategy, Xilinx, Inc. 

5G deployment will result in changes to RAN with base station disaggregation, edge compute and virtualization playing key roles. Deployments will require densification of cell sites further taxing the networks. The discussion will bring together industry experts to address the challenges for both 5G xHAUL and Broadband services.

Wednesday, 6 March

Xilinx, Inc.

Evolution and Productization of PAM4 Technology with In-house Serdes for Wireline Applications

Mike Thompson, Sr. Product Manager, Xilinx, Inc. 

An introduction to 58G and 112G PAM4 technology development at Xilinx and associated current and roadmap products with integrated Hard IP.  Also an overview of the current and emerging communication standards that are supported by Xilinx PAM4 + NRZ technologies.    

Wednesday, 6 March

A new model rising: how optical micro-nodes and WSS-free micro-ROADMs are redefining the metro network

Stefano Schiavoni, SM Optics

Metro networks are the new focal area where operators are investing to modernize their infrastructure. New technology and product architecture tailored made for this application are proving more versatile and effective in performances and costs than the traditional solutions, micro NODES are the SM-Optics reply for this need.

Thursday, 7 March
10:15 – 10:45


Network Transformation and Huawei Optical Network 2.0

Dr. Sean Long, Director, PLM for Transmission Network, Huawei Technologies USA, Inc. 

New Services, such as Video, 5G, Cloud Computing and IoT bring lots of new requirements/pressure to the traditional telco network. To cope with the traffic growth and more importantly the new service related traffic Patten, Huawei has developed the novel solution for transmission network, named optical network 2.0. In this presentation, we will share details of these innovations which will greatly benefit teleco’s network transformation.



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