The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

Moscone Center,
San Francisco, California, USA

2020 Multi-vendor Interoperability Demos


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400G Open ZR+ Coherent Transceiver Demo

Booth #6049

This demonstration shows live interoperability of pluggable 400G modules by multiple vendors from the proposed OpenZR+ MSA industry consortium. The modules support multiple data rates and enable longer reach (several hundreds of kms.) than the typical metro data-center interconnections, with higher gain SD-FEC (oFEC) standardized in OpenROADM and proposed in the MSA. In this demonstration, the coded 400Gbps DP-16QAM optical signals are transmitted from one vendor’s module, traverse through optical fiber and received by another vendor’s module. This demonstration is coordinated by NTT Device Innovation Center and Network Innovation Laboratories.




Booth #6149

This demo shows a large optical ROADM mesh (Open- ROADM MSA compliant) and turn dynamic SDN-Controlled Wavelength up and down (also conforming to the OpenROADM MSA). There will be at least six different equipment suppliers showcasing their OpenROADM MSA compliant ROADMs, transponders and flexponders. We will use the OpenROADM open source SDN Controller called TransportPCE from the Open- Daylight distribution. The University of Texas, Dallas, will show two high-performance computing orchestrator use cases over this OpenROADM network, doing load transfers between data centers and data center backups on demand.

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