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CANCELLED - Panel V: Inside the Data Center

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Panel Description:

Global Datacenter IP traffic, growing rapidly at a 25 percent year over year growth rate, is to become 20 Zettabytes in 2021, according to Cisco Global Cloud Index 2018. To meet this huge capacity demand, high speed network systems are being deployed with optics operating at 100Gbit/s and beyond.  

The IEEE802.3 has completed new Ethernet standards for rates up to 400Gbit/s (802.3bs/cd) in 2018 adopting 25GBaud PAM4 50Gbit/s optical modulation (8x50G). They have also recently introduced the 50GBaud PAM4 100Gbit/s optical modulation format as new Ethernet technology building blocks for 8x50G and 4x100G 400GE optical interfaces. As for electrical interfaces, 50Gbit/s per lane 400GE has already matured (8x50G) and 100Gbit/s per lane for 4x100G is being discussed. 

Along with these developments, new pluggable form factor MSAs such as QSFP-DD and OSFP have been commercialized and matured. As a result, maximum system board-level data throughputs have reached as high as 14.4Tbit/s. 

The next phase of the datacenter technology roadmap (beyond 400G) remains somewhat unclear. Solutions for 800G and 1.6T can be expected; however, it will take several years for technologies for 100Gbit/s electrical and optical lane rates to achieve desirable power consumption and density targets.  If industry sticks to pluggable solutions, we will see parallel solutions such as dual- or quad- 400G pluggable modules. This will require drastic improvements in integration technologies (see the optical integration focused panel at this OFC) and improvements in CMOS processes below 7nm to restrain increases in power consumption density. An alternative direction would be on-board optics and co-packaging, which may need new technology breakthroughs and more time to mature. 

This panel will introduce the views of several industry leaders in this area and evoke discussion among panelists and the floor. 



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