The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Panel II: Market Projections for Wireline and Wireless Technologies to Support 5G

Tuesday, 05 March
12:30 - 14:00
Expo Theater I

Moderator: Karen Matthews, Technology and Market Development Manager, Corning Inc., USA

Panel Description:

In 5G networks, we are transforming the world from person-to-person to “thing-to-thing” connectivity. No longer are we talking about connecting people to other people via devices (in the traditional sense), but we are now discussing connecting every “thing”-be it a device, a person, a surface…any “thing”.  If we make all “things” “smart” (where smart is equivalent to making all things able to collect, disseminate and/or analyze data), then we can connect all “things”. This connectivity of all “things” is the true definition of the Internet of Things (IoT), one of three subsets of 5G.  
As we begin to connect “things”, and meet the latency, bandwidth, coverage and/or energy utilization required for that use case, we will start to see the emergence of applications such as automated vehicles, smart cities, artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality. The potential of 5G brings about new markets, applications and verticals that cause industry to re-think monetization. The shift from a hardware to a potentially software-dominated regime is causing many companies to rebrand themselves, re-organize their corporate structure and re-assess potential alliances. However, we need to understand that 5G is not only about wireless technologies, but includes wireless and wired technologies that build the 5G network. 
This session will discuss both wired and wireless 5G technologies, their respective ecosystems as well as their respective market projections.


William Cune, Vice President, Network Architecture, Corning Optical Communications, USA
Xiang Liu, Senior Director of Optical Access Network Research, Futurewei Technologies, USA
Bob Everson, Global Director, Mobility and 5G, Cisco Systems Inc., Canada
Dan Pitt, Senior Vice President, MEF Forum, USA
Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst – Optical Hardware, Cignal AI, USA


Karen Matthews, Technology and Market Development Manager, Corning Inc., USA

Karen Matthews, a native of Baltimore, began her academic career at the US Naval Academy, received a Bachelor in Science in electrical engineering from Morgan State University (1989) and a Master in Engineering (1991), a doctorate in electrical engineering (1998) and an Master in Business Administration (2007), all from Cornell University. Prior to pursuing an MBA, Karen held senior positions in Corning Incorporated’s Science & Technology Division in opto-electronic packaging, and as a research and then senior research scientist. After completing her MBA, she worked as a technology and market development manager for Corning’s Specialty Materials division. 

Upon returning to Science and Technology, she began working in early innovation stage markets and technologies for the optical communications sector to identify and help implement new growth opportunities. Her focus on moving concepts through to commercialization remains, with a current emphasis on the wireless industry. Dr. Matthews has authored numerous publications and patents, been a speaker/keynote speaker at various industry conferences, and is a member of several technical and professional organizations. She has served as Corning’s Executive Board member of Georgia Tech’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) – sitting on the Research Work Group and leading the Thought Leadership Work Group therein. She continues to lead CDAIT’s Thought Leadership Working Group and is currently a Visiting Scholar at Georgia Tech and a member of the OFC 2019 program committee.

William CuneVice President, Network Architecture, Corning Optical Communications, USA

Bill Cune is the Vice President of Network Architecture in Corning’s industry-leading Optical Communications sector. In this role, Cune is responsible for understanding the intersection between market needs and technology trends to define, create, and evangelize new approaches to deliver future ready connectivity solutions. Prior to this role, Cune was the VP of Market Development, In Building Networks where he led the creation of new solutions through early stages of innovation and product conceptualization.  Cune’s wide-ranging industry expertise provides him a broad perspective from which to evaluate new trends in the market and in technology. Cune joined Corning in 2010, as the IDAS Program Director, to lead all aspects of Corning’s entry into the wireless distributed antenna business. His leadership contributed to Corning’s acquisition of MobileAccess Networks, iBwave, and SpiderCloud Networks. 

Cune holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the Missouri University of Science & Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree in general management from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. He holds several patents in the area of fiber, wireless, and data communications systems.

Xiang Liu, Senior Director of Optical Access Network Research at Futurewei Technologies, USA

Xiang Liu is the Senior Director of Optical Access Network Research at Futurewei Technologies. He had been with Bell Labs working on high-speed optical transmission technologies since 2000. He has authored over 340 publications and holds over 85 US patents. He has served as a General Co-Chair of OFC 2018, and is currently serving as a Deputy Editor of Optics Express and an Executive Committee member of the IEEE ON2020 industry connection activity. Xiang received a PhD. degree in applied physics from Cornell University. Dr. Liu is a Fellow of the OSA and the IEEE.


Bob Everson, Global Director, Mobility and 5G, Cisco Systems Inc., Canada

Bob Everson is the Global Director of Mobility and 5G for Cisco Systems; leading strategy, business development, and go-to-market. In this role he works closely with customers around the world to evolve their network and service offerings to maximize their market opportunity. Everson also works closely with the Cisco R&D organization to ensure product and solution development aligns with the needs of customers and the market.

In addition, Everson is the lead for the Open vRAN ecosystem. This initiative was formed to accelerate innovation in and around the radio access network, and to accelerate the viability and adoption of a truly software-defined mobile network.

Throughout his 25+ year career in technology, he has remained keenly focused on finding the intersection between innovative technologies and business drivers.

Dan Pitt, Senior Vice President, MEF Forum, USA

Dan Pitt has been a leading voice of the SDNFV movement since its inception. He served as executive director of ONF from its public launch in March 2011 until September 2016, and since January 2017 has been senior vice president of MEF, driving technical and ecosystem development for new agile telecom services. Prior to ONF he ran and advised startup companies in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, served as dean of engineering at Santa Clara University, held executive management roles at Nortel Networks and Bay Networks, developed and managed networking technology at HP and IBM, and taught computer science and electrical engineering at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Duke and a Master of Science and a doctorate degrees from the University of Illinois.

Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst – Optical Hardware, Cignal AI, USA

Scott Wilkinson has deep experience in the telecommunications and technical startup fields, with positions held ranging from technical systems engineering to entirely customer-focused marketing leads. He is a recognized public speaker and writer who has worked closely with major US carriers, rural telcos, utilities, and municipalities.


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