• Technical Conference:  30 March – 03 April 2025
  • Exhibition: 01 – 03 April 2025
  • Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, USA
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100 Gbps PAM4 Transmissions Over 50 km With 40 dB Power Budget for PON Using a High-Gain Quantum Dot SOA (Th2A.6)

Presenter: Lakshmi Narayanan Venkatasubramani, Dublin City University

We experimentally demonstrate a 106 Gbps PON downstream signal transmission using a high-gain InAs/InGaAs quantum dot-based SOA as a preamplifier. We achieved a record-high power budget of 40 dB considering an HD-LDPC BER limit of 1×10−2.

Authors:Lakshmi Narayanan Venkatasubramani, Dublin City University / Ahmed Galib Reza, Dublin City University / Vladimir Mikhrin, Innolume GmbH / Alexey E. Gubenko, Innolume GmbH / Alexey Kovsh, Alfalume Inc. / Liam Barry, Dublin City University

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