• Technical Conference:  05 – 09 March 2023
  • Exhibition: 07 – 09 March 2023
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA
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32 GHz High-Power MUTC Waveguide Photodiode for 1310 nm (W2A.11)

Presenter: Fengxin Yu, University of Virginia

We demonstrate evanescently coupled modified uni-traveling carrier (MUTC) waveguide photodiodes for 1310 nm wavelength with saturation photocurrent >20 mA and high radio frequency (RF) output power of 5.7 dBm at 30 GHz.

Authors:Fengxin Yu, University of Virginia / Keye Sun, University of Virginia / Junyi Gao, University of Virginia / Andreas Beling, University of Virginia

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