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Neural-Network-Based Nonlinearity Equalizer for 128 GBaud Coherent Transcievers (Th1A.30)

Presenter: Vladislav Neskorniuk, Nokia Bell Labs

We propose an efficient neural-network-based equalization jointly compensating fiber and transceiver nonlinearities for high-symbol-rate coherent short-reach links. Providing about 0.9dB extra SNR gain, it allows achieving experimentally the record single-channel 1.48Tbps net rate over 240km G.652 fiber.

Authors:Vladislav Neskorniuk, Nokia Bell Labs / Fred Buchali, Nokia Bell Labs / Vinod Bajaj, Nokia Bell Labs / Sergei K Turitsyn, Aston University / Jaroslaw Prilepsky, Aston University / Vahid Aref, Nokia Bell Labs

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