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C-Band 4×200 Gbit/s Transmission Over 40 km of SSMF With an RF Delay-Assisted WDM-SSB Transmitter (W6A.50)

Presenter: Md Samiul Alam, McGill University

We present an RF-delay assisted cost-effective WDM-SSB transmitter using a single DAC per wavelength, and experimentally demonstrate the transmission of net 4×200 Gbit/s DWDM SSB PS-PAM-8 signals over 40 km of SSMF in the C-band.

Authors:Md Samiul Alam, McGill University / Xueyang Li, McGill University / Zhenping Xing, McGill University / Mohammad E. Mousa-Pasandi, Ciena Corporation / Maurice O'Sullivan, Ciena Corporation / David Plant, McGill University

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