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Low-Complexity Nonlinearity Compensation for Short-Reach IM/DD Systems Using PAM (Th1A.27)

Presenter: Tom Wettlin, Kiel University

We investigate the performance of non-regular PAM8 constellations and introduce a novel non-uniformly quantized equalizer to improve nonlinearity compensation in 70 GBd PAM8 back-to-back and 1 km SSMF transmission without additional complexity.

Authors:Tom Wettlin, Kiel University / Talha Rahman, Huawei Technologies / Stefano Calabro, Huawei Technologies / Jinlong Wei, Huawei Technologies / Md Sabbir-Bin Hossain, Huawei Technologies / Nebojsa Stojanovic, Huawei Technologies / Stephan Pachnicke, Kiel University

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