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Towards Fully Automated Testing and Characterization for Photonic Compact Modeling on 300-mm Wafer Platform (W6A.1)

Presenter: Abdelsalam Aboketaf, Globalfoundries

We demonstrate a fully automated and flexible wafer-level photonic device testing and characterization with wavelength, optical power, temperature, and voltage dependencies. High precision setup and data analysis tools are developed for photonic compact modeling.

Authors:Abdelsalam Aboketaf, Globalfoundries / Crystal Hedges, Globalfoundries / Vishal Dhurgude, Globalfoundries / Brendan Harris, Globalfoundries / Fen Guan, Globalfoundries / Frank Pavlik, Globalfoundries / Ted Anderson, Globalfoundries / Andy Stricker, Globalfoundries / Yusheng Bian, Globalfoundries / Michal Rakowski, Globalfoundries / Arunima Dasgupta, Globalfoundries / Andrea Paganini, Globalfoundries

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