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High-Speed Transmissions With Direct-Modulation Room-Temperature Semiconductor Lasers Emitting in the Transparency Window Around 4 µm (Th1A.9)

Presenter: Olivier Spitz, Télécom Paris

We experimentally realize a free-space transmission over one meter with room-temperature quantum cascade lasers and interband cascade lasers. With direct electrical modulation and raw analysis, the data-rate of the real-time transmission outperforms similar reported schemes.

Authors:Olivier Spitz, Télécom Paris / Lauréline Durupt, Télécom Paris / Pierre Didier, Télécom Paris / Daniel Diaz-Thomas, Université de Montpellier / Laurent Cerutti, Université de Montpellier / Alexei Baranov, Université de Montpellier / Mathieu Carras, mirSense / Frédéric Grillot, Télécom Paris

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