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Cloud Services, Data Centers Among New Trends at OFC/NFOEC

By Biswanath Mukherjee | Posted: 2 March 2011

What do optical communications and optical networking do to enable cloud services, a necessity due to the high-bandwidth demands that people like you and I put on the network because of new video-enabled applications? How can our industry meet the demands of the exponential growth in traffic from these applications? And what does it all mean to our society? One of OFC/NFOEC’s plenary speakers, Bruno Orth of Deutsche Telekom AG, will tackle this topic from the network operators’ perspective. He’ll talk about how providers are working to transform their networks to meet these increased demands. It’s really a must-see presentation.

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The Virtuous Cycle: From Research to Application

By Atul Srivastava | Posted: 1 March 2011

OFC/NFOEC is widely recognized as the premier conference in the field of optical communications. What I find is a real distinction for OFC/NFOEC is that the conference also features a strong trade show. The entire virtuous cycle connecting optical research with product development and then applications is represented. The combination of both the frontline research being presented at the conference and the presence of the latest products that are being released on the trade show floor give a full package to any person who comes and attends this conference.

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Experimenting at OFC/NFOEC

By Chuck Joyner | Posted: 24 February 2011

Believe it or not, some of the programming at OFC/NFOEC this year is an experiment. As a program committee, we are focused on developing technical programming that is dynamic and responsive to the emerging topics in the industry.

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Datacom as a Rising Trend for the Optics Industry

By Clint Schow | Posted: 24 February 2011

It's no secret that we're shipping more and more data these days, sharing more videos, and transferring larger files. For data centers, that translates into demand for more bandwidth to connect racks and racks of machines. This year, for instance, IBM will install Blue Waters, its petascale supercomputer at the University of Illinois with more than 2 million optical links, just to support the interconnect fan within it. Looking forward, the trend in supercomputing points to machines with even more optical interconnects.

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Cloud Computing: Sky-High Opportunities For Photonic Pioneers

By David Nugent | Posted: 24 February 2011

If you haven't already contemplated how cloud computing will affect optical networking then fasten your seatbelt because 2011 is squaring up to be a transformational year for this industry.

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Wall Street Investment Dollars Bring Added Excitement to OFC/NFOEC

By David Chaffee | Posted: 22 February 2011

Even the purest optical bench scientist will admit to at least a dim understanding of the money flowing into and out of the fiber optics industry at any one time. Investment funds provide job security, allow researchers better tools, offer more meaningful travel and better collaborations, increase understanding, and promote efficiency, an ability to do the job, and more opportunity.

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Optical Internetworking Forum Program to Highlight Next-Generation Networks

By Jim Jones | Posted: 18 February 2011

As President of the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), I am looking forward to once again bringing OIF programming to OFC/NFOEC. Our two-day program will feature speakers from Cisco, Infinera, Alcatel-Lucent as well as an exciting cross-section of member companies that include carriers, system vendors and component suppliers.

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The Drive to Network Convergence

By Jason Blosil | Posted: 17 February 2011

Modern data centers can be complex. The demands on IT have increased in part due to massive data growth, which by some estimates, is expected to grow as much as 800 percent over the next 5 years.

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Optical packet switching: Boom or burst?

By David Nugent | Posted: 15 February 2011

Optical burst switching (OBS) and optical packet switching (OPS) are no strangers to OFC/NFOEC. The past decade has witnessed a steady increase in publications on both fronts, fostered partially by monolithic integration and the resultant availability of high-density optical cross-connect fabrics.

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2010 Fiber Optic Innovations Continue as Market Grows

By David Chaffee | Posted: 8 February 2011

OFC/NFOEC has become the innovative center for optical communications throughout the years. It has been the forum as the industry has engineered its way from fiber optic streams operating at 45 million bits per second to those now beginning to operate at 100 billion bits per second and beyond.

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