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What I Talk About When I Talk About OFC

By Vivian (Xi) Chen | Posted: 23 February 2014

Hello, OFC!  I’m one of your bloggers Xi Chen (Vivian) for OFC’2014. I will be with you for the following a few months to report inspiring topics or events happen in OFC. I’m a research fellow in The University of Melbourne (Australia), doing research on high capacity and high spectral efficiency fiber optic transmission.

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Top 5 Amazing Trends at OFC

By Casimer DeCusatis Ph.D. | Posted: 7 February 2014

At the beginning of the new year, it seems that everyone wants to predict the Next Big Thing (NBT) in any given field of human endeavor. In keeping with this trend, I’d like to offer my take on the Top 5 amazing trends that you’ll see at OFC 2014.

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Betting on Exascale

By Casimer DeCusatis Ph.D. | Posted: 5 February 2014

One hot topic for the futurists at OFC 2014 is bound to be the outlook for exascale computing, and the role of optical interconnects in making it a reality.

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Which are the major topics for debate at OFC 2014?

By Dr. Ioannis Tomkos | Posted: 3 February 2014

OFC has been always the place where the major future scientific and commercial challenges are discussed extensively. Such discussions have proven to influence the future of the industry, so their impact is huge.

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Hacking the light: Software at OFC

By Casimer DeCusatis Ph.D. | Posted: 29 January 2014

Some said the world should be in Pearl
Some said in Lisp…
Should we write it all again,
I’d end it with a close-paren
“With apologies to Robert Frost”, from

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What’s new about OFC 2014 (besides the move to San Francisco)?

By Dr. Ioannis Tomkos | Posted: 28 January 2014

This year’s OFC is the 39th event in a series! For a change this year, OFC is moving from its typical southern Californian locations (i.e. San Diego, Anaheim and Los Angeles) to lovely San Francisco. Of course San Francisco (besides being a very nice place to visit!) is the city next to the most developed hi-tech arena in the world with the most advanced innovation management eco-system; Silicon-Valley.

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Charting a Path to 100 G Through the Cloud

By Casimer DeCusatis Ph.D. | Posted: 22 January 2014

Optoelectronics is always a hot topic at OFC, and this year promises to be no exception.  Where else can all the major suppliers, consumers, and start-up companies in the optical transceiver business come together to debate the next big thing in optics?

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SDN for Transport Networks: is Autonomous Provisioning a Reality?

By Casimer DeCusatis Ph.D. | Posted: 13 January 2014

There’s little question that 2013 will be considered “The Year of SDN” by the vast majority of the networking community and their clients, and with good reason.  Every major networking equipment vendor, and a host of startups, brought a wide range of SDN enabled products to market this past year, officially moving the technology from slideware to actual deployments.

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Thursday at OFC/NFOEC 2013 - Silicon Photonics & Homeward Bound

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 22 March 2013

This will be my final day at OFC/NFOEC 2013; I can’t believe it’s been four days already, and it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the interesting possibilities going on in the field.  

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Wednesday at OFC/NFOEC 2013 – Cloudy with a chance of SDN

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 21 March 2013

My next day at OFC 2013 started off bright and early with a keynote talk on “Cloudonomics” (which I still don’t believe is a real word).   I learned that it refers to the changing economics brought about by cloud computing technology, and what this means for cloud data networks.  I got to hear about cloud computing from a business and financial perspective, which was a refreshing change from the steady stream of hard technical data I’ve been digesting for the past few days.  The variety provided by talks like these is just another great reason why OFC is one of the conferences that I make time to attend every year.

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