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March 2013

Thursday at OFC/NFOEC 2013 - Silicon Photonics & Homeward Bound

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 22 March 2013

This will be my final day at OFC/NFOEC 2013; I can’t believe it’s been four days already, and it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the interesting possibilities going on in the field.  

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Wednesday at OFC/NFOEC 2013 – Cloudy with a chance of SDN

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 21 March 2013

My next day at OFC 2013 started off bright and early with a keynote talk on “Cloudonomics” (which I still don’t believe is a real word).   I learned that it refers to the changing economics brought about by cloud computing technology, and what this means for cloud data networks.  I got to hear about cloud computing from a business and financial perspective, which was a refreshing change from the steady stream of hard technical data I’ve been digesting for the past few days.  The variety provided by talks like these is just another great reason why OFC is one of the conferences that I make time to attend every year.

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Tuesday at OFC/NFOEC 2013 - Tutorials and Professional Society Partnerships

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 19 March 2013

It’s the next day of my annual trip to OFC/NFOEC, and I’m excited to be giving another talk this afternoon, a tutorial on data center networking. But first, there are a lot of good sessions that I want to attend, so it looks like another full day. I’m finding the conference app on my iPad to be incredibly helpful. This is the first week-long conference I’ve done with just my iPad, no clunky laptop to haul around, and it’s working out great. I don’t have to worry about my presentation this afternoon, since I uploaded the charts to OFC’s presenter website before leaving home. Even so, I have a backup plan – a converter cable that lets me connect the iPad directly to a projector, just in case.

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Focus On The Future

By Herbert Merz | Posted: 19 March 2013

When a company prepares for a trade show, there is one overriding concern. It’s not the booth design or the meeting schedules, although that is important. You may be focused on a particular element of the business, or a presentation you’re giving, but ultimately we are all coming to the OFC/NFOEC for one goal: to talk and learn about the future of optical networks, and what that means to our customers.

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Monday at OFC/NFOEC 2013 – Make New Friends & Keep the Old

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 18 March 2013

It’s another beautiful day in Anaheim, California, where I’m eager to get started at the first full day of the 2013 OFC/NFOEC conference.  Fortunately I remembered to download the OFC mobile app from Guidebook so I could keep track of everything that was going on, and keep my social media followers up to date at the same time. Here’s an update on my first day’s activities, and if there’s something you’d like me to address then drop me a line on Twitter (@Dr_Casimer).

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Sunday at OFC/NFOEC 2013 - Arrival and OIDA meeting

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 17 March 2013

I just flew in from New York (no, my arms aren't tired), and made my way to the Anaheim Marriot, which will be my base of operations for OFC 2013.
Today I participated in a roadmap workshop sponsored by the Optoelectronics Industry Association (OIDA) on metrics and roadmaps for future “scale-out” data centers.  My fellow workshop participants included representatives from Dell, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, U.C. San Diego, the Fraunhofer Institute, APIC Corporation, Finisar, and Ovum. 

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Photonics Sheds Light on Modern Data Centers

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 8 March 2013

The annual OFC/NFOEC meeting is less than a month away, and it couldn’t come at a better time for those of us working on cloud computing and data center networking.  More than ever before, photonics is poised to play a critical role in this industry, leading a significant revolution in the way that computer systems are interconnected.  In this blog, I’ll explore the issue in more detail and give you a peek at some of the hot topics coming up in March at OFC. 

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The “Disneyland” for Photonics experts!

By Dr. Ioannis Tomkos | Posted: 7 March 2013

We have written extensively on this blog about the high quality of the OFC/NFOEC technical program and the many exciting new topics generating innovation. However, another important highlight of OFC/NFOEC is the exhibition and the numerous events that are co-located with the booths. The OFC/NFOEC exhibition is certainly a joyful “playground” for photonics experts (and “geeks”!) and I am sure that many of the event participants would enjoy their visit to the exhibition space more than a visit to nearby Disneyland. There are some good reasons for that!

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