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January 2013

Faster, Higher, Farther – Network Speeds Go Nowhere But Up

By Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D. | Posted: 24 January 2013

I feel the need….the need for speed!

Time seems to be going by faster and faster – it seems like we just got done celebrating the new year, and we’re already getting ready for OFC/NFOEC in March. And it’s certain that faster speeds will also be the subject of much discussion at this year’s conference. I’d like to slow things down a bit, though, and reflect on what’s been going on in the industry to drive the most recent push towards higher and higher data rates over longer and longer optical networks.

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OFC/NFOEC moves to new dimensions!

By Dr. Ioannis Tomkos | Posted: 24 January 2013

A common issue that the OFC/NFOEC community has tried to address since the first OFC took place 38 years ago is how to increase the capacity of optical communications systems, which remains an important and challenging problem to this day. To address these capacity scaling needs, optical communications scientists try to explore all possible “dimensions” and properties of light, most recently the multiple spatial modes in multi-mode fibers. 

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